Interactive Switchable Smart Glass Screen

Interactive switchable glass projection walls and partitions

Cutting Edge Technology

Pro Display are proud to be a British manufacturer on the forefront of technology. Turning our already state-of-the-art Switchable Glass into an interactive projection screen might just seem like a natural step, however, the particular combination of functionality that our Multi-Touch Switchable Smart Glass Screen delivers makes this product a very special piece of technology indeed.

Multi-Touch Switchable Smart Glass Screen Walls and Partitions

Turn instantly at the flick of a switch from a clear glass panel into an HD/4K rear projection screen with a multi-touch interactive surface. Our intouch Multi-Touch Switchable Smart Glass Screens are available in standard sizes from 65″-134″ diagonal or as modular glass wall panels & partitions up to 1500 x 3000mm. With a 6 point infrared touch frame, this product can be used by up to 6 people at a time, making it suited for collaborative work or presentation based applications.

For Privacy, For Practicality

Switchable glass is also the ideal solution for privacy needs. It can be used to help hide away a section or even an entire room, in the most stylish and ultra-modern way. With the ability to interact with and project onto the glass, this product offers a one stop solution for many associated needs. Perfect in a classroom, or as part of an educational institution, our Multi-Touch Switchable Smart Glass Screen also works well in museums or as tourist attractions.

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FeaturesTypical Applications
Ultra clear switchable glass screen (AC 48-65V)TV studios
Standard screen sizes 65”, 80”, 98”, 120” and 134" diagonalRetail stores & shopping centres
Modular panels for glass walls & partitions (max panel size 1500 x 3000mm)Car showrooms
Multiple panels can be joined to create a multi-touch video projection wallMuseums & visitor attractions
Infrared touch frame technology (6 point touch)Product launches
Price includes 110vac transformer and RF remote control switchRestaurants, bars & clubs

Standard Interactive Switchable Smart Glass Screen Sizes

Diagonal (16:9)Size (mm)
Interactive Smart Glass Screen (infrared 6 point touch)

65"1439 x 809
80"1771 x 996
98"2159 x 1214
120"2657 x 1494
134"2966 x 1669

Popular Market Sectors

Banking & Finance

Car Showrooms


Offices & Boardrooms

Banking & Finance



Marine / Yacht


Pro Display offer a variety of Intelligent Glass technologies to ensure that you have the right switchable product to suit your application. To view our range, please visit the Switchable Glass Solutions section on our website.

Any questions?

We manufacture in Britain and ship worldwide – if you need further information, a pricing quote, or want to discuss ideas for using our Interactive Switchable Smart Glass Screen please complete the form below, email us via or call us on +44 (0)1226 740 007.

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