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    Transparent Screens

    Transparent Screen Technology

    Pro Display’s range of Transparent Screens offers the latest innovations in transparent display technology on the market. We offer a range of products designed specifically to excel in certain environments with 4K options for close-range viewing as well as modular LED screens perfect for a more distanced display in need of high brightness.

    Our newest addition to the range is the Transparent OLED Display. This transparent monitor boasts a Full HD image, displaying a ghost-like image while still being able to see through the screen. The Transparent OLED works without the need for any backlighting or enclosure, integrating seamlessly into POS and window displays.

    A lower-cost alternative to the Transparent OLED is the Transparent LCD Display (TLCD). Available built into a display case as a finished solution or as a screen for shopfitting and integration, the Transparent LCD is versatile and is also available in 4K in sizes 65”, 86” and 98”.  As well as larger more striking transparent glass screens, our TLCD Display Cases are also available in miniature sizes starting at 9.7” offering a quirky, small transparent screen solution for visitor attractions or retail applications.

    Both our Transparent OLED and LCD screens can also be manufactured with multi-touch capabilities, allowing users to interact with the content on the screens offering a truly memorable experience.

    For a more striking alternative to Large Format LED Screens, our Transparent LED screen offers an excellent solution for those who wish to display content on a bigger scale without blocking the light or the view on both sides. These transparent screens are ideal for integration into glass facades, creating an advertising opportunity without detracting from the architecture of the building.

    There is a lot to consider when choosing the best transparent display screen for your project, (like the floorspace, backlighting and image quality), often meaning there’s a lot more to these ‘see through screens’ than you first expect. Our range of Transparent Digital Screens is built to offer solutions that work around these limitations and with a history of supplying our transparent technologies to companies like Nike and Adidas we’re guaranteed to find the right product for your project.

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