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    Switchable Smart Glass

    Smart Glass Technology

    From Pro Display’s Intelligent Glass division, Switchable Smart Glass is an innovative technology which allows the glass to switch between frosted and clear at the touch of a button. In our 20 years of experience manufacturing and distributing Switchable Glass, we have reached a standard where we can guarantee quality and reliability, supplying the widest range of Switchable Glass and Film products in the market.

    Our Switchable Toughened Glass offers the most cost-effective solution in the product range. During the manufacturing process, the liquid crystal switchable layer is directly coated down onto the glass surface. We see our Toughened Switchable Glass used most in privacy and projection applications, with the option to join several panels to create a large-format display.

    Our Laminate and Double/Triple- Glazed Smart Glass options are mainly favoured in residential environments in bathrooms and external windows; however, our laminate option is often specified in healthcare applications and high traffic areas, due to its safety and durability.  Our Laminate Smart Glass bonds the switchable layer between two sheets of glass, whereas our double/triple glazed switchable glass products use a warm edge spacer bar with argon-filled air gap for greater insulation and performance with the option of low iron and low e coatings for optimum efficiency.

    Pro Display can also offer Switchable Glass Rear Projection Screens, both as standard and with multi-touch interactive capabilities. Our Switchable Laminate Smart Glass provides the perfect canvas for HD/4K rear projection and can be paired with one of our Infrared Touch Frames to create an interactive smart glass display that can be used by up to 6 people at a time.

    Our Intelligent Glass division can also offer more bespoke solutions, including smart glass for homes like the switchable vision panel, which can be retrofit into existing doors, giving you your very own smart glass front door. We can also manufacture small glass wall and partition systems for the commercial and residential applications and can work with customers to find the best solution for external windows and bathroom applications.

    If you’re looking for something even more bespoke, Intelligent Glass offers coloured switchable glass, ideal for applications that are looking for a more aesthetic solution in displays or artistic installations.

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