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    LCD & LED Screens

    LCD & LED Screen Solutions

    Pro Display has been creating and developing optical screen technologies for the last two decades. From our UK based headquarters, we manufacture, assemble, and dispatch a wide range of professional-grade visual LCD and LED display solutions.

    Our sought after Mirrorvision range includes Mirror TV’s and Mirror TV overlay kits, a perfect addition to any home as well as high-quality professional magic mirror advertising displays and video walls built to withstand 24/7 commercial use.

    Pro Displays range of transparent digital signage displays provide the perfect solution for creating the wow factor. With Transparent LCD display cases and screens adding the finishing touch to any display and Transparent OLED’s providing floating images with no need for a backlight or casing, we can create truly memorable displays for a range of applications.

    We can provide specialist monitors, built to withstand harsh outdoor environments, and operate in direct sunlight as well as a range of large format LED screens and perimeter systems for both indoor and outdoor environments.

    We can produce large format displays using LCD Video Wall and LED Screen Systems up to huge sizes to create displays that are guaranteed to turn heads. This allows us to create unique digital wall designs in a range of resolutions suited to a range of viewing distances for both indoor and outdoor applications where a large digital screen is needed. If you’re looking for a single large digital screen, Pro Display has a huge selection to choose from with sizes as large as 98” on offer, even including our more specialist options like our Professional Mirrorvision Displays.

    Our product range includes many options for digital screens in retail stores, including our mirrored display solutions, ideal for changing room applications or our Transparent LCD Digital Display Screen, available in sizes up to 98” in a 4K resolution, designed for integration into custom housing.

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