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    Front Projection

    Front Projection

    Pro Display’s range of front projection materials is designed for optimum performance in brightly lit environments. With options of both rigid and film formats, our range of front projection displays are an ideal choice for high ambient light environments and outperform other conventional projection screens.

    Since 2004, we have invested in researching and developing our front projection technologies to ensure the best performance, with our most recent innovations leading to producing a Transparent Front Projection Screen due to huge market demand.

    We specialise in unique front projection technologies, as well as our holographic front projection screen we also offer an ALR Front projection screen manufactured specifically for performance in high ambient light environments with ultra-short throw projection and edge blending capabilities.

    Our Front Projection Films are created with ease of application in mind, with 3D ready, transparent, and light rejection options available. All our front projection films and screens can be made bespoke to your custom measurements, even large format projection projects can be catered for using modular panelling systems.

    There are a lot of elements to consider when creating an effective front projection system, including the application and the environment, one of the most common setbacks being the issue with shadowing on the screen if there is high volumes of traffic which would benefit from our ultra-short throw (UST) projection solution.

    Pro Display has manufactured custom front projection screens for projects worldwide, providing our Ultra Gain Projection Screens as a conference room solution for Bloomberg and working with airports worldwide to create eye-catching visual displays.

    Our front projection solutions are nothing short of specialist, with our largest project to date taking place at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2019, where we transformed the 25 story glass façade of the nHow Hotel, Amsterdam into a breath-taking Projection Mapping Display, powered at a distance by 400,000 lumens or 14 Panasonic front projection units.

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