Ultra Short Throw Rear Projection Screen

Digital Glass

Optical screen for ultra short throw rear projection applications

Digital Glass is Pro Display’s next generation ultra short throw projector screen technology. It is manufactured by a special process that coats an advanced optical projection layer directly down onto toughened glass.

The projection layer itself is our new optical material, offering high brightness and unsurpassed contrast even in brightly lit environments. This unique technology is designed specifically for ultra short throw rear projection, spreading the light evenly into each corner without creating hot spots.

Digital Glass provides an extremely robust solution for digital signage, high-end projection and large format edge blending. The polished edges of each Digital Glass panel enable multiple screens to be installed side-by-side, creating huge seamless screens and a genuine alternative to video walls and their unavoidable bezels.

Exceptional viewing angles from UST rear projection onto Digital Glass

SpecificationsTypical Applications
Neutral-grey (glass or acrylic screen)Meeting rooms & boardrooms
Peak gain: 0.65Exhibitions & conferences
Viewing angle: 160°TV studios & control rooms
Suitable for edge blendingShops & shopping centres
Superior HD / 4K image qualityAirports, train & bus stations
Custom sizes & aspect ratiosMuseums & visitor attractions

Download Digital Glass Specifications

Standard Screen Sizes

Diagonal (16:9)Screen Size (mm)
80"1771 x 996
98"2159 x 1214
120"2657 x 1494
134"2966 x 1669
160"3500 x 1968
185"4100 x 2306

Size Options (mm)
Aspect ratio options - 16:9, 16:10, 4:3
Custom sizes up to 8000mm x 3000mm
Thickness - 10mm or 12mm toughened glass with polished edges
Custom thicknesses available
Anti-glare coating available
Touch screen options available


UST Laser Projector

Digital Glass works perfectly with our lamp free Platinum Vision® front or rear ultra short throw laser projector

Infrared Multi Touch Frame

Digital Glass can also be combined with Pro Display’s intouch infrared multi touch frames to create Interactive Digital Glass – perfect for large format multi-touch display applications.

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Popular Market Sectors

Shopping Centres

Offices & Boardrooms

Banking & Finance


Theatre & Live Events

TV & Broadcast

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