Front Projection Screen

Pro Display’s unique range of front projection screens are designed to excel in brightly-lit environments.

Manufactured in rigid screen or film formats our front projection technologies are the ideal choice for applications in high ambient light offering superior performance over conventional projection screens.

Ultra Gain Front Projection Screens

High brightness rigid screens for front projection applications

Optical front projection screens with a highly reflective surface for exceptional brightness, contrast and resolution

Our Ultra Gain front projection screen was designed primarily for areas where there is high ambient light / daylight. This unique screen technology offers the brightest front projection images making it the ideal solution for areas where the lighting cannot be controlled.

Ultra Gain

SpecificationsTypical Applications
Silver foiled reflective surface (3D Ready)Information & advertising screens
Works in high ambient light & daylightAtriums & glass partitions
Peak gain: 6.0Airport, bus & rail stations
Viewing angle: 160°Exhibitions & outdoor events
HD / 4K image qualityShopping centres & malls
Custom screen sizes & aspect ratiosLeisure facilities & visitor attractions

Ultra Gain is also available as a Front Projection Film.

Standard Ultra Gain Screen Sizes*

Diagonal (16:9)Screen Size
42"930 x 523
55"1218 x 685
65"1439 x 809
72"1594 x 897
80"1771 x 996
92"2037 x 1146
120"2657 x 1494
134"2966 x 1669

*Panels can be joined to create large format screens.

For screen sizes above 134” diagonal we recommend using 72” screens as modular panels to create large format projection walls.

Ultravision Front Projection Screens

High contrast rigid screen for front projection applications

An advanced optical front projection screen offering true colour reproduction, superior contrast and perfect black levels, to create life like images

Ultravision is our leading front projection screen offering superior contrast and excellent colour reproduction. Ultravision is the ideal choice for home theatre and high-end audiovisual installs.

SpecificationsTypical Applications
Silver grey foiled reflective surfaceInformation & advertising screens
Superior contrast & black levelsBoardrooms & meeting rooms
Peak gain: 3.0Hotels, bars & clubs
Viewing angle: 120°Airports & visitor attractions
Superior HD / 4K image qualityCinemas & entertainment venues
Custom screen sizes & aspect ratiosProfessional home theatre screens

Ultravision is available with a selection of stylish frame designs, making it suitable for both contemporary and traditional interiors.

Standard Ultravision Screen Sizes*

Diagonal (16:9)Screen Size
55"1218 x 685
65"1439 x 809
72"1594 x 897
80"1771 x 996
100"2214 x 1245
110"2429 x 1365

*Panels can be joined to create large format screens.

Screens Solutions with Surface Sound

Using our innovative surface sound technology, you can now turn your front projection screen into a loudspeaker as part of a standardised or bespoke invisible sound solution we call ‘Soundvision‘. Please get in touch using the contact form below to discuss your options for integrating audio into your screen.

For more information about our surface sound technology, please view our Soundpods.


Pro Display offers a complete range of fixing systems, including wire cable suspension systems, aluminium frames and portable screen stands.

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