Switchable Laminated Smart Glass

Pro Display manufactures the most versatile range of switchable smart glass solutions on the market. Switchable smart glass offers instant privacy at the flick of a switch! The glass works on an electrical principle switching from frosted to clear when power is applied. Switchable glass (also known as smart glass) panels and windows offer a next generation alternative to blinds or privacy glass, making it the ideal choice for commercial or residential installations.

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Our switchable smart glass is an innovative product manufactured and distributed under the Intelligent Glass brand. Visit the Intelligent Glass website.


Switchable laminated smart glass installed at the World Trade Centre (New York, USA)

About switchable laminated smart glass

Switchable laminated smart glass offers greater safety and security in both the workplace and the home. Our unique manufacturing process means that our laminated panels provide superior performance and clarity compared to other products in the market.

The switchable layer is sandwiched between two toughened glass panels, making our laminated smart glass a highly durable and safe solution for specialist applications – such as healthcare, public areas, showers & wet rooms, hotels & hospitality, clean rooms, etc.

The seamless nature of laminated smart glass means that panels can be positioned side by side (glass to glass) without the need for any vertical frames. This makes switchable laminated smart glass the ideal choice for glass walls and partitions, creating a very minimal and contemporary look.

Our standard switchable laminated smart glass is available in 12mm and 14mm thicknesses, however custom glass thicknesses and specifications are available on request. Custom glass specifications and bulletproof options are also available on request.

Pro Display is the only manufacturer on the market offering a range of fully CE certified switchable smart glass products.


  • Maximum panel size – 1.5m x 3m
  • Thicknesses – 12mm & 14mm (custom thicknesses available)
  • Custom sizes available on request
  • Power – 110v AC (12 watts per square metre)
  • Suitable for showers / wet rooms

Download our Switchable Smart Glass Laminate Technical Specifications

Coloured / Tinted switchable smart glass

Pro Display now offers coloured and tinted options that are an ideal solution for any number of interior design applications, within both the commercial and domestic markets e.g. contemporary homes, commercial glass buildings, offices, hotels, restaurants, clubs, luxury yachts etc.

Project Focus

Luxury Apartment showers with switchable laminated smart glass from Intelligent Glass


  • Corporate boardrooms / meeting rooms
  • Dividing partitions
  • Vision panels
  • Showers / wet rooms
  • Healthcare
  • Retail / museum display cases


  • Transformer
  • RF Remote Control / Receiver

A4 switchable smart glass demo kits are available, complete with control switch and transformer.

Any questions?

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