Soundvision Screens

A projection screen with sound! Soundvision screens are the world’s brightest front projection screen, combined with 360° surface sound technology (the screen surface is a loudspeaker).

When brightness, clarity and contrast are an important part of your visual presentation, there’s only one solution. This specially designed optical screen has an aluminium coated surface which is highly reflective.

Soundvision Screen

Rigid front projection screen with surface sound technology

Optical high gain front projection screen where the HD screen surface is also a loudspeaker

SpecificationsTypical Applications
Highly reflective screen (Ultra Gain – 3D Ready)Information & advertising screens
Works in high ambient light & daylightExhibitions & conferences
Screen surface is a loudspeakerSports stadiums & leisure facilities
Screen surface is a loudspeakerShopping centres & malls
Peak gain: 7.0Concerts & outdoor events
Custom screen sizes & aspect ratiosAuditoriums & arenas
Soundvision Front Projection Screen Exhibition Hall
Diagonal (16:9)Screen Size (mm)
65"1439 x 809
80"1771 x 996
100"2214 x 1245
120"2657 x 1494
150"3321 x 1868
200"4428 x 2491
250"5535 x 3113

Soundvision 3D Cinematic Curve Screen

Parabolic curve screen with surface sound technology

This advanced high gain HD front projection screen has a parabolic curve for immersive 3D viewing

Soundvision 3D is our leading 3D front projection display. The screen is manufactured in curved format and comes complete with stereoscopic active 3D glasses offering a true cinematic experience.

SpecificationsTypical Applications
Ultra high gain surface on a curved substrateHome theatre & gaming
Peak gain: 10Design & visualization
Enhanced 3D viewing experience Museums & visitor attractions
Superior image quality with HD resolutionPOS displays & product launches
Screen surface is a loudspeakerExhibitions & trade shows
Price includes active 3D glassesVirtual reality & simulation
Diagonal (16:9)Screen Size (mm)
80"1771 x 996
100"2214 x 1245
120"2657 x 1494

Soundvision Pro

High contrast front projection screen with surface sound technology

An advanced optical front projection screen offering true colour reproduction, superior contrast and perfect black levels, to create life like images

Soundvision Pro has been designed for high-end audiovisual installations in venues such as corporate boardrooms, reception displays, hotels, restaurants and bars. This front projection screen technology represents the ultimate audiovisual experience. The slimline frame design comprises of a specialist sound board, audio transducers and a high gain aluminium foiled surface offering true colour reproduction and superior contrast levels.

SpecificationsTypical Applications
Silver grey foiled reflective surface (Ultravision)Professional home theatre screen
Screen surface is a loudspeakerBoardrooms & meeting rooms
Superior contrast & black levelsHotels, bars & clubs
Peak gain: 3.0Museums & visitor attractions
Viewing angle: 120° Cinemas & entertainment venues
Superior HD image qualityRetail stores & leisure facilities
Diagonal (16:9)Screen Size (mm)
72"1594 x 897
80"1771 x 996
92"2037 x 1146

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