Sun Readable Daylight Projector Screen

SunScreen Daylight Projector Screen Technology

Sun-readable optical technology for rear projection in high ambient light, daylight and sunlight

SunScreen is a revolutionary daylight projector screen technology specifically designed for applications in direct sunlight. This unique screen has an optical light rejecting filter that deflects external light to provide bright, sharp and crystal clear images.

Our SunScreen is the only true projection screen technology in the world that will perform in direct sunlight. Images should be projected at 26° +/- 5° for optimum viewing effect. With multiple benefits when compared to LCD daylight readable monitors, our SunScreen can be manufactured in custom sizes, creating a more versatile and flexible solution. Our daylight projector screen technology can also be applied directly to glass, minimising the opportunity for glare often experienced with screens installed with a gap behind the window.

We also offer an Interactive SunScreen Touch Foil, producing the same superior performance expected in direct sunlight but with the bonus of through-glass touch interactivity, ideal for shop window displays. Available in single, dual and multi touch formats, these screens can maximise engagement even outside store hours, helping your advertising to reach a larger audience.

SunScreen Film

This unique light-rejecting film is suitable for both standard and short-throw rear projection. Ideal for any type of window application offering bright, sharp and crystal clear images. Standard SunScreen films are designed for installation to glass, however, we can also offer a SunScreen Poster System, which includes top & bottom aluminium clip bars and a cable suspension system.

SunScreen Film is showcased at our very own Screen Gallery

SpecificationsTypical Applications
Light-rejecting screen filterWindow advertising screens
Filter blocks more than 85% of external lightDigital signage displays
Viewing angle: 120°Outdoor video & advertising screens
HD image qualityInformation displays
Custom sizes & aspect ratiosShopping centres & visitor attractions
Projection angle 26° ± 5° for optimal viewingConcerts & outdoor events

Download SunScreen Film Specifications

SunScreen Acrylic

Manufactured as a rigid rear projection screen, the acrylic version of our SunScreen technology offers crystal clear images available as a large format rigid projector screen. This screen is ideally suited for installation behind glass and for outdoor applications we recommend installing the screen in a housing.

SunScreen in action at the Mini Cooper Showroom in Singapore

SpecificationsTypical Applications
Rigid screen with light-rejecting filterGlass partition walls & store windows
Filter blocks more than 85% of external lightOutdoor advertising screens
Viewing angle: 120°Mobile advertising vehicles
HD / 4K image qualityOutdoor events & concerts
Custom sizes & aspect ratiosAirports, train & bus stations
Projection angle 26° ± 5° for optimal viewingVisitor attractions & stadiums

Download SunScreen Acrylic Specifications

Standard SunScreen Rear Projection Screen Sizes*

Diagonal (16:9)Screen Size (mm)
SunScreen Film
SunScreen Acrylic
32"708 x 398
42"930 x 523
55"1218 x 685
65"1439 x 809
72"1594 x 897
80"1771 x 996
100"2214 x 1245
120"2657 x 1494
134"2966 x 1669

Aspect ratio options – 16:9, 16:10, 4:3

*Custom sizes available on request

Per Metre & Wholesale Roll Pricing

  • Unique light-rejecting film suitable for both standard and short throw projection
  • Filter blocks more than 85% of external light
  • Ideal for window application offering bright, sharp and crystal clear images
  • Non-adhesive film for application to glass and other transparent surfaces
  • The film must be applied in landscape format due to the optical filter
  • The film can be joined in sections to create large format screens – landscape or portrait

Roll Width: 930mm

Roll Length: 10 metres & 30 metres

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For alternative high ambient or high brightness applications, Pro Display also offer Sun Readable Front Projection Screens, ideal for UST and edge blending application. We also offer alternative LCD technologies such as daylight readable monitors for both indoor and outdoor use, manufactured specifically to perform in direct sunlight. These sunlight viewable monitors do not require a projector and have a brightness of 1,500 nits, designed for 24/7 usage and ideal for applications where installing a projector isn’t possible.

Any questions?

We manufacture in Britain and ship worldwide – if you need further information, a pricing quote, or want to discuss ideas for using our Sun Readable Daylight Projector Screen please complete the form below, email us via or call us on +44 (0)1226 740 007.

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