Interactive Video Wall

An Interactive Video Wall is a powerful display option that sees your message or information displayed larger than life! As a culmination of several screens, an Interactive Video Wall display offers an effective way to serve your content with serious ‘wow’ factor on a scale not usually seen by audiences. The beauty of Interactive Video Wall technology allows you to offer engaging and effective interactive displays for your audience, especially when compared to a traditional video wall. A touch Video Wall gives your audiences that extra level of control over what content they are being shown, literally putting the control into their hands.

Traditional Video Walls generally offer a passive experience for the viewer that audiences can only interact with visually. This leaves a powerful sense completely unused, meaning they may be more likely to find something else more stimulating to focus on which is not a desired outcome when you are competing for their attention. With an Interactive Touch Screen Video Wall however, audiences are drawn to the scale as well as the functionality, potentially making this a very effective display.

Another thing that makes these displays so incredibly effective is their flexibility – being able to be used for a wide range of applications. An Interactive Video Wall can serve as the perfect solution for those looking to engage passers-by, increase footfall or enhance the sales experience, to name but a few targets this may assist with.

Host engaging games for your visitors to play, revolutionise the way customers shop or guide them through large format video tours using a swipe of a hand. By putting customers in control of the content they are being shown, it can make them willing to take more ownership of their buying decisions, invests their time into your brand as well as offers you an opportunity to convert that sale using your content. It also allows for a truly memorable sales experience which can significantly change how customers perceive the product or service. Likewise, in an interactive gaming application, games can be used in clever and powerful ways to enforce brand reputation or keep children entertained whilst parents contemplate large purchasing decisions – decisions best made without the pressure of bored children demanding attention.

SpecificationsTypical Applications
49" and 55" display options availableFoyers & reception areas
Full HD 1080pRetail stores & shopping centres
6, 12 & 32 point multi-touch optionsMuseums & visitor attractions
Protective fascias availableLive events & trade shows
Mirrorvision fascias availableAirports, train & bus stations
Custom layouts and configurations availableBanking & finance
Custom free standing housing availableCruise ships & leisure facilities

Interactive Video Wall Popular Formats*

55" TilesWall Size (mm)
3 x 55" Tiles1 x 3
4 x 55" Tiles2 x 2
6 x 55" Tiles3 x 2
9 x 55" Tiles3 x 3
12 x 55" Tiles4 x 3

* Example sizes based on popular formats of Interactive Video Walls using 55″ Video Wall Displays – custom sizes are available on request

As if this product wasn’t impressive enough, it is also available as an Interactive Mirror Video Wall, or, if you wish for a passive solution with real edge, a Mirror Video Wall may suffice. Combining mirror screen technology with the principals of video walls, it impresses a powerful message of quality and credibility upon audiences that will not only accentuate a premium brand, but also offer a unique experience.

Project Focus

The Future of Hospitality

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Popular Market Sectors

Banking & Finance

Fashion Stores

Hair & Beauty Salons

Sports Facilities

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