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Brightening the market with LED screen solutions

As a globally recognised manufacturer of industry leading display technology, Pro Display prides itself on the vast LED screen range we can offer. LED screen technology has come a long way in recent years and Pro Display have been leaders in this market for a long time, having introduced the first full-colour LED screens into…

Pro Display Supports Artistic Excellence

ruskin school of art

Institutions of artistic excellence are unavoidably expected to be at the forefront of innovative display methods, often turning to Pro Display to help achieve the perfect visuals to showcase incredible pieces of work or advertise to their needs. Those blessed with creative skills can sometimes struggle to find traditional display solutions that fulfil their vision,…

The Future of Hospitality

Mirror Video Wall

After supplying the industry for over 15 years, Pro Display take an introspective look at some of the most innovative display technologies that are helping to shape the future of hospitality Pro Display’s technology represents the very best technological display solutions the world has to offer after supplying the hospitality industry for over 15 years….

Digital Signage Vs. Print Signage

digital signage

Many businesses are confronted with questions over where their investment is best placed when it comes to their chosen display solution, one of which – possibly the most important – is the question of whether they should invest in digital or print signage. Traditional printed display solutions have been around for a long time; however,…

Amazing Retail Technology Worth Investing In For 2018

amazing retail technology

Tomorrow’s Retail… Today Amazing retail technology is constantly evolving, adapted and designed specifically for display purposes, offering companies an endless supply of branding and merchandising solutions. Pro Display specialises in innovative display products, many of which are perfect for the retail industry. From highly functional interactive kiosks, to stunning transparent screens, Pro Display has seen some…

Building Networks at UK Construction Week 2017

UK Construction Week

Pro Display Impress at UK Construction Week 2017 As the UK’s largest construction trade event, the Pro Display team were eager to build many connections with the 35,000 trade visitors who attended. Pro Display’s highly visual stand showcased the innovative technology on offer and brought a distinct creative dimension to the 650+ exhibition stands at…

Mirror Screens: The Window to the Future

mirror screens

As technology gets better, we see all sorts of advancements that makes our lives feel like a sci-fi movie. One of these advancements is the magic of mirror screens. For so long, the space mirrors have taken up has been limited, reflecting only what it sees and serving to make rooms look bigger, offer a…

Visual Merchandising in a Digital World

digital signage- LCD Advertising Kiosk

Product displays are important- even in the digital era It may be tempting to think that the digital age has helped to slowly erode the value of your brick and mortar store. You may find that you are not pulling in the same levels of footfall as you enjoyed on previous years, and the savvier…