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    Understanding Mirrorvision: Mirror Screen Technology

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    Posted December 15th, 2020 by Emily Burkinshaw & filed under , General, Inspiration, Technology.

    Smart mirror technologies offer exciting opportunities for both consumers and businesses alike, giving familiar tools newfound functionality. Whether a user is trying on clothes, admiring their new haircut, or turning their TV into a mirror with the click of a button, mirror screen technology allows people to literally change how they see themselves—transforming both customer experience and interior design in the process.

    Here we take a look at what’s behind Mirror Screen Technology before exploring a range of exciting potential use-cases.

    How does Mirror Screen Technology work?

    Mirrorvision technology essentially consists of an optical glass panel which is cut to size, edge polished, and toughened (if necessary) before being placed over the front of any LCD or LED display transforming it into a mirrored screen.

    In order to make a smart mirror (in other words, use mirror screen technology), you need at least two things:

    1. Dielectric Mirror: With normal mirrors, you’ll find a piece of film hidden behind the glass—this allows the light to be reflected back to the onlooker, therefore showing them their own image.Dielectric Mirrors are manufactured with multiple thin layers of dielectric material on a glass substrate and rely on the interference of light to alter their reflective properties. This manufacturing process can be altered to produce glass with higher or lower reflectivity quality depending on the application
    1. A display: The display used to create a mirrored screen varies depending on the application. You could opt to use a smart TV, which operates just like any standard TV but with the added benefit of a mirror effect when turned off. For more commercial environment, you might prefer to use an LCD or LED display instead, which unlike a smart TV requires an additional computer device in order to display content. We can provide mirror solutions to suit tiny tablets all the way up to huge LED systems.

    A computer or media player: If you’re using an LCD or LED display, you’ll need some kind of computer or media player to run the content from and we offer a range of solutions tailored to suit your project.

    Our Mirrorvision Range is incredibly versatile, with the option to upload content via HDMI connection to a desktop computer or laptop, a media player and via USB plug and play.

    What can mirror screen technology be used for?

    Here we take a detailed look at some common examples of mirror screen technology in practice.


    Shoppers at fashion stores have long depended on tailors to stock and size their most coveted pieces, creating a time-consuming and laborious process for both the customer and the store alike. Smart mirrors can be used to create a seamless tailoring process by utilising augmented reality to virtually impose outfits upon the body of the client, with the entire store inventory at their fingertips. With real-time stock, pricing, and size information, consumers can ensure they find the perfect fit at home or in store.

    Shops providing such an individualised shopping experience can minimise product returns, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce overhead costs by putting control back in the hands of the customer. For example, our Interactive Touch Screen Mirrors use multi-touch infrared technology, complete with an HD or 4K commercial grade screen, to offer shoppers an innovative—and entirely unforgettable—experience.

    At Nike Town, our Interactive Mirrors were used to promote Nike’s ‘Bra Fit’ Initiative, allowing shoppers to browse through the product range and discover more about the clothes themselves including which activity they were best suited to. This was also used as a platform to deliver the right information at the right time, including upselling alternative items as well as advertising class times and training events to create a unique shopping experience.

    Hair & Beauty Salons

    Mirrorvision technology is becoming ever more popular in hair and beauty salons, due to its versatility and elegant design. Nowadays, people are spending more and more money on changing and maintaining their hairstyles to keep up with fast paced trends, meaning they’re also spending more time in the salon. Why not upgrade your salon to incorporate a Mirror TV, for entertainment as well as advertising purposes?

    Much like hair salons, makeup counters are often heavily populated with mirrors and are now being used for much more than just makeovers like demonstrations and masterclasses. By integrating Mirrorvision products into your space not only can you promote the products you’re using on loop whilst working on a client, you can also use it to share informative content whilst educating others, keeping a tidier more hygienic space for them to work in.

    Whether Mirror Advertising Screens are used to draw in clients or Interactive Touch Screen Mirrors are used to enhance product sales, Mirror Screen Technology can have a profound impact on hair and beauty salons alike.

    mirror advertising screen retail stores


    Mirror screen technology can even be used at home. Consider the following scenario.

    You want to make your living space brighter, airier, and more spacious—but you fear that installing a brand-new mirror will instead just make the space feel overly cluttered. If this is you, consider investing in one of our Mirror Screen TVs. This will turn your TV into a mirror when not in use, making the room feel far more spacious than before, and switch it back to a TV in a flash when you’re ready to settle down and watch your favourite show.

    We can also create bespoke oversized or ornate styled Mirrorvision TV’s which can revamp your whole interior. Not only is it a great space saving solution, Mirrorvision disguises the TV when not in use, eliminating what can usually feel like an eyesore by blending it in to its surroundings in a sophisticated and tasteful way.

    More than just a reflection

    Mirrors are staples of interior design, whether they’re in people’s homes, offices, or residential spaces. But nowadays, the humble mirror can provide so much more than a simple reflection. If you want to find out more about mirror screen technology, get in touch with one of our experts today.

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