Dual Image Projection Screen

360 Dual Sided Front or Rear Projection Screen

This dual image projection screen creates an image viewable from both sides of the screen at the same time using just one projector.

This dual-sided projector screen is the perfect choice for projects where the display needs to be seen clearly from both sides at the same time and is the only true 360 degree projection screen technology.

These screens are available in the following formats:

360 degree projection screens provide the combined flexibility of front and rear projection for those difficult installs.

The advantages of this technology are vast; from increased visibility to installation flexibility, users can project an image on either side of the screen whilst it displays simultaneously on the other side. These screens are a great way to maximise your display space for a fraction of the cost, providing duplicate content through the use of one single projector. These screens are generally thin in nature, available in a range of thicknesses depending on the application, they offer a sleek and minimalist way to break up a room whilst displaying HD/4K content that can be appreciated from all angles! A truly innovative use of projection technology, this screen offers a stylish and useful way to ensure that your brand message, advert or information is communicated effectively.

Ideal for a wide range of applications, 360 degree projection screens excel in displaying important information or adverts while these screens are commonly used in museums and visitor attractions to create immersive exhibits, with the content able to be appreciated as the audience moves throughout the space.

Check out how our 360 degree projection screens were used as the centrepiece at the World Rugby Hall Of Fame!

SpecificationsTypical Applications
Off-white optical surfaceInformation & advertising screens
Image is displayed on both sides (reversed)POS displays & product launches
Peak gain: 1.7–2.0 (front & rear)Museums & visitor attractions
Viewing angle: 360°Exhibitions & trade shows
HD / 4K image qualityMusic venues & corporate events
Custom screen sizes & aspect ratiosHotels, pubs & clubs

Diagonal (16:9)Screen Size (mm)
360° Poster System
360° Optical Glass Screen
32"708 x 398
42"930 x 523
55"1218 x 573
65"1439 x 809
72"1594 x 897
80"1771 x 996
100"2214 x 1245
120"2657 x 1494
132"2904 x 1632

For retrofit applications, Pro Display also offers dual image projection film which comes complete with a self-adhesive layer allowing installation to glass or any similarly smooth surface. We can also manufacture an electric roll down dual-sided projection screen that can be retracted when not in use.

For applications that require a dual-sided screen that can display content from two different sources, we also offer our Dual Sided Front Projection Screens, which provides an HD/4K projection surface on both sides of the screen.

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