Freestanding Kiosks

Pro Display’s freestanding advertising kiosks are designed to advertise, inform, and entertain, ideal for use in airports, hotels, and retail stores. Our kiosks are designed for 24/7 use and can be custom branded with your company logo and colour scheme to enforce your brand message and stand out from the crowd.

We also offer a Mirrored Freestanding Kiosk, ideal for retail applications and visitor attractions to give your audience digital signage with a difference. Our kiosks also come with a built-in HD media player with plug and play usability, allowing your content to be uploaded easily to the kiosk’s internal memory. This allows for quick content refreshes with minimal disruption, giving you the ability to change the purpose of the display anytime at short notice.

If you’re looking for something interactive, our LCD Touch Kiosk and Rear Projection Kiosks offer interactive capabilities. Our most popular option, the Interactive LCD Freestanding Kiosk, encourages customers and audiences to view and interact with your content, improving their overall sales experience. We also offer landscape touch kiosks designed for wayfinding applications in shopping malls, museums and exhibitions.

By incorporating kiosks within your retail space or attraction, you can minimise the need for direct contact with users, allowing them to feel more independent and comfortable in your space in these challenging times. Despite the interactive option seeming strange in these conditions, all of our kiosks are easy to wipe down and disinfect and will also work when used with gloved hands.

Kiosks are a great way to encourage engagement in areas with a high footfall and provide longer lasting memories with users. We teamed up with Manchester United and DHL to provide an interactive kiosk solution for the DHL Fan Booth at Old Trafford, which encouraged fans to relive club memories that were caught on camera.

digital signage kiosk for advertising in hotel receptions

Digital Advertising Kiosk

Freestanding LCD Totem ideal for Digital Signage Custom branded solutions available Our Digital Advertising Kiosks are designed to advertise, inform…