Projection Screens

Pro Display’s specialist optical projection materials include both rigid screens and self-adhesive films for front, rear, and dual projection applications.

Our high definition projection screen technologies have been designed to work in some of the most challenging environments and offer superior brightness, contrast and resolution in high ambient light, daylight, and even direct sunlight.

Products include electric projection screens, ultra-short throw projection screens, sun readable projection screens, switchable projection screens and projection screens with surface sound technology.

We have over 15 years of experience in developing and distributing 4K and HD projection screens allowing us to offer more specialist products including large format projection screens up to 8 x 3 metres, projection mapping film and CAVE projection screens for creating immersive environments. We can even offer Projection Screens with their own source of sound, our Soundvision Screens are manufactured to perform in high ambient light conditions whilst providing an engaging display with it’s 360° surface sound technology.

For applications requiring projection on glass, our retrofit rear and front projection films can be applied to any existing glass surface, ideal for window displays and visitor attractions. All our projection films can also be manufactured as a glass projection screen with available sizes up to 6000 x 3000mm.

Over the years, we’ve worked on some incredible projection based projects all over the world, one of our largest being our partnership with Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in 2019, where we installed our Projection Mapping Film onto 392 windows of the nHow hotel in Amsterdam, to create arguably the biggest advertising space in ISE history.

From 25 storey buildings to award shows broadcast worldwide, our Clearview Transparent Rear Projection Film and Screens have been favoured by both the prestigious ‘Oscars’ Academy Awards Celebration, who used 38 of our screens within their set and later won us ‘Live Event of the Year’ at the AV Awards, and Halsey, for her moving performance of ‘Without You’ at the MTV EMA Awards in 2018.

3D Projection mapping at ISE 2019

Specialist Projection

From Laser Projectors to CAVE Projection Screens, Pro Display offer a wide range of specialist projection solutions that suit a variety of needs. Specialist display technology for high end applications.

x factor projection banner

Rear Projection

High-performance projector screens and films for rear projection, including transparent and switchable. Projector screens for large format installations and edge blending. Special optical screens for ultra short throw projectors.

front projection screen

Front Projection

Professional quality projector screens and films for front projection. Screens for large format installations, high ambient light, and screens with built in surface sound. Special optical screens for ultra short throw projectors.

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Dual Image Projection

The ideal choice when you need to show a projected image on both sides of the screen. With both projector screen and projection film options, Pro Display's 360° is the only true dual sided image projection technology available.