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    Museum Display Technology & Visual Effects

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    Posted August 13th, 2019 by Sean Brown & filed under , General, Inspiration, Technology.

    Over the years, a wide range of Pro Display’s products have been specified for museums. For a number of reasons, many products that Pro Display offer are ideal for creating some of the best museum displays possible, from interactive projection touch screens that make up entire displays, to supporting screens that supplement a museum exhibit display, it is quite probable that Pro Display offer a product that will suit, and often even surpass your museum display needs.

    Museum Display Technology

    As the technological landscape changes, so do desired display solutions and the transition from printed to digital signage has been a huge step in this direction. Few industries feel this transition as keenly as museums, who often rely heavily upon signage to direct and inform visitors. Indeed, for museums, signage makes up a significant part of their experience, so the media that is used for this central aspect of business is highly important for the general customer as well as the organisation’s reputation.

    projector screen museums

    An effective museum display can take on many forms, from a high brightness screen to contend with ambient light to an interactive freestanding kiosk for self-service or self-educating means. The uses of all these technologies within a museum environment also varies drastically, such as being used for wayfinding, as part of a museum exhibit display, or even the exhibit itself – the applications are only limited by the choice of technology. Luckily, Pro Display have many years of experience working with museums and designers to help supply them with the best museum displays available using the most cutting-edge technology on the market.

    Transparent LCD Display Cases

    A great example of a cutting-edge product that is becoming increasingly popular in museums is Pro Display’s Transparent LCD Display Cases. These breath-taking visual marvels offer an effective, backlit display unit that overlays white content as transparent on the screen. Using this feature creatively, museums can virtually eradicate the need for additional exhibit space, combining the display case and supporting screen into one unit. Ideal for displaying high value or fragile items out of reach, Transparent LCD display cases are a great way to impress visitors using a museum display that is as effective at communicating information as it is building excitement in, for example, a reveal and conceal exhibition application.

    transparent lcd display trade shows

    Switchable Smart Glass

    Likewise, Switchable Smart Glass technology offers a highly effective reveal and conceal privacy product, serving as frosted glass that changes to clear on command. Using various activation methods, such as voice or sensor, museums can tailor this technology to suit their exacting needs, enhanced with various glass options as well as the retrofit Self-Adhesive Smart Film as available possibilities. Combine this with the option of using this amazing glass as a projection screen and the applications become a lot more exciting than a basic reveal and conceal application.

    switchable smart glass rear projection screen exhibitions

    Interactive Screens

    However, perhaps the most popular development in recent years has been museum touch screen displays, which are widely used in these environments due to their interactive nature. Using Pro Display’s intouch range, most display options can be granted interactivity, including the above-mentioned Transparent LCD Display cases and Switchable Smart Glass. People often peruse museums at their own pace and therefore a self-service interactive display can be a highly effective tool for the interested and meandering visitor alike. A touch screen display allows museums to offer visitors infinitely more information, more entertainment and more control over the way and pace that they digest this information when compared to traditional signage. It is little wonder, therefore, that touch screens are becoming a central part of the museum experience.

    Landscape Kiosk with Stand

    Visual effects

    Visual effects are also highly popular in this environment due to the on-going challenge of creating a memorable museum display. Specialist visual effects are a great way to immerse visitors who crave a new experience that they can take away with them. Offering a memorable visual experience can help to drastically change the way exhibitions are perceived and is a cornerstone of the museum model. Visual effects can also help museums respond to challenging environmental conditions such as high ambient light or reduced space.


    A very popular choice for museums, Pro Display’s Holographic Effect Projection Screens provide a floating image visual effect. Also known as ‘Pepper’s Ghost’ effect, this technology is ideal for creating effective ghostly images to re-tell stories of their history, for example. Alternatively, using this screen for hi-tech or hologram-styled displays is also incredibly powerful. As a semi-transparent projection screen, these displays can show bright, sharp and vibrant 2D images that appear to float as an Iron Man-styled hologram, with superior performance, definition and no critical angle of projection to boot.

    holographic screens theatres

    Ambient Light Management

    Due to the remarkably visual aspect of the museum experience, high ambient light is often a requirement of the environment so that visitors can clearly see what is on display. However, this can often clash with the high reliance on digital signage displays seen by museums. Many forms of digital signage can be affected by the glare often associated with environments that suffer from high levels of ambient light; Pro Display offer a range of products that can help combat this. Depending on the nature of the high ambient light and the technological requirements, the range of products are vast enough to help combat this for most applications. A High Brightness LCD Screen, for example, offers an effective alternative to standard LCD signage in areas of high ambient light. An Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) Projection Screen, at the same time as rejecting ambient light and displaying images with stunning contrast, colour and resolution, also offers the ability to edge blend using a UST projector, which enables uniquely shaped and intriguing displays. Our Anti-Glare options, on the other hand, are a retrofit based product that helps existing screens deal better with glare so museums don’t have to change their exhibit too much to accommodate high ambient light.

    Sunscreen edge blending UST

    Digital Glass

    As an ultra-short throw (UST) projection screen, Digital Glass offers museums an incredible space saving display solution that delivers high brightness and unparalleled contrast in brightly lit environments without creating hotspots. Ideal for professional, high quality displays, these screens provide a robust digital signage and exhibition solution that are great for large format projection, simulation applications and even as an alternative to video walls. The polished edges of these rigid screens enable multiple panels to be installed side-by-side, allowing designers to create huge seamless screens without bezels. Factoring in the ability to convert these screens to accommodate 3D and edge blending, they are perfect for simulation or CAVE projection applications that require visitor immersion, so it seems obvious that they would perform exceptionally well in a museum environment.

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