Rear Projection

Pro Display offers a wide range of Rear Projection materials designed to perform in challenging environments with our selection of rear projection films being the number one choice worldwide for digital signage and store window advertising.

With 15 years of experience in R&D on our range of optical screens and films, we can proudly offer solutions for almost any application. Our range of rear projection solutions showcase stunning HD and 4K images, ensuring all content will always look its best.

Our rear projection films are incredibly versatile due to their self-adhesive nature offering options for a wide range of lighting conditions. As well as catering for many kinds of environments, we also offer specialist materials including transparent projection screens, Smart Glass Projection Screens and more cost-effective options that cater to lower power projectors.

Pro Display’s Rear Projection Screens are manufactured using our unique diffusion technology to enable increased control over the projected image, capturing and diffusing the light at all angles. These Rear Projection Acrylic Screens can be made in custom sizes and shapes allowing us to bring bespoke and individual visions to life.

Creating the perfect rear projection unit can be difficult, we work with each customer to understand the application and its environment, from displays that require an ultra-short throw solution to projection screens that create suspense with the option to switch to transparent at the press of a button.

Pro Display has supplied rear projection films and screens worldwide and are especially favoured by the TV and movie industry, with our rear projection screens popping up on the Enterprise in 2013’s ‘Star Trek into Darkness’, creating holograms in ‘Transcendence’ (2013) and James Gunn’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 (2017).

Our Rear Projection Films and Screens are also popular within the artistic community, with rear projection being less invasive than the front alternative , our technologies allow artists to create more immersive, uninterrupted environments in their exhibits to provide a more intimate artistic installation.

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