Interactive Screens

Pro Display specialises in touch screen technology, our interactive screens offer unique and innovative solutions that take any interactive display to the next level. We provide a range of interactive LCD screens with single, dual, and multi-touch capabilities for a host of applications ranging from transparent touch screens to interactive furniture.

We manufacture several interactive projection display solutions including our Interactive Projection Foil and Rear Projection Touch Screen (Digital Glass). Our Interactive Projection Foils are designed to be retrofit onto existing glass or acrylic surfaces making them a perfect solution for external windows in retail and hospitality applications. Our Digital Glass is manufactured to perform with UST projection to produce a HD/4K image in sizes up to 8 x 3m to create showstopping immersive interactive displays.

Our specialist interactive screen solutions include our Transparent OLED and LCD screens, perfect for POS displays and our Interactive Switchable Glass Screen that combines our patented Smart Glass technology and a 6 point infrared touch frame to create a HD/4K interactive projection screen that becomes clear at the touch of a button.

One of our favourite specialist touch sensitive display projects was for Farnborough Airshow, who were looking to integrate a clear touch screen into a centrepiece at their event. We supplied them with a Transparent Interactive Touch Screen which sat in front of a huge jet engine model, displaying holographic style interface content that users could interact with.

Other products include interactive mirror technology, bespoke video wall systems including LCD and LED options in a range of sizes and our Interactive Touch Table which can be manufactured in custom designs with screen sizes from 22” to 55”.

Our led interactive touch screens are a guaranteed show stealer, we can manufacture interactive LED screens for indoor use up to an ambitious 400” size in a range of resolutions for smaller viewing distances.

Choosing the right touch screen display for your project can be difficult with so many options to choose from based on the application and environment. For instance, if you’re looking for an outdoor interactive screen our freestanding kiosks or high brightness touch screen might seem like the best option initially, but our touch and projection foils allow you to turn any shop window into an interactive glass screen with little to no disruption.

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