Switchable Technology

Intelligent Glass is a division of Pro Display dedicated to manufacturing switchable smart glass and smart film solutions, with over 15 years spent developing and perfecting their own range of patented smart glass technology.

With a constant focus on quality and reliability, we have manufactured stylish and practical smart glass products that offer instant controllable privacy, with applications in a wide range of sectors.

Our Switchable Smart Glass products include Toughened, Laminated and Double-Glazed options designed to work in a range of environments, both commercial and residential including bathrooms and high traffic areas. Our Smart Glass has been used in many different products and applications over the years including doors, room partitions and product launches.

Unique to the market, Pro Display’s Intelligent Glass, offers a retrofit Self-Adhesive Switchable Film that can be installed to existing partitions and windows, a quick and easy way to upgrade any space, with all of our Switchable Glass and Film products doubling up as a HD/4K projection screen.

For more images and information visit our Intelligent Glass website, dedicating to helping you find a smart glass product to suit your needs, featuring case studies from our most recent projects and detailed technical information for each product.

We’ve supplied our switchable glass products to some of the worlds most recognisable brands, with our most high profile project taking place at Harrods, where our Self Adhesive Switchable Film was applied to their external windows, arguably one of the most prestigious advertising spaces in the world. Our Smart Film was used in a luxurious product launch, displaying a projected countdown, before switching to clear, revealing the new Rolls Royce Dawn in all it’s glory. We are also proud to have supplied our incredible NHS with our switchable technology for multiple hospitals across the UK, creating a more secure and sterile environment that is both comfortable to patients and practical to hospital staff.

switchable smart glass

Switchable Smart Glass

Smart glass switches instantly from frosted to clear when an electric current is applied. Intelligent Glass smart glass is available as toughened glass, laminated glass, and double-glazed units - with excellent green energy credentials too.

switchable smart glass projection screen

Switchable Smart Film

Switchable Smart film switches instantly from frosted to clear when a current is applied. As a self-adhesive film it retrofits to existing glass or plexiglass, creating instant controllable privacy. It doubles as an effective rear projection surface too.