Rear Projection

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Optical Large Format Projection Screens

Pro Display’s Optical Large Format Projection Screens are sure to offer a larger-than-life visual experience for your audience, whether you’re looking to entertain,…

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Rear Projection Screens

A Pro Display rear projection screen offers unsurpassed brightness, contrast and viewing angles making us the number one choice worldwide. With a rear projection screen the projector is placed behind the screen, shooting towards the audience.

Pro Diffusion Rear Projection Film X Factor

Rear Projection Films

Pro Display Rear Projection Films are the number one choice worldwide for digital signage and store window advertising. Our unique…

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Holographic Projection Screen

Clearview Holographic Projection Technology Transparent screen for 2D pepper’s ghost visual effect Wow your client with a Clearview holographic projection…

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Sun Readable Rear Projection

SunScreen Technology Sun-readable optical technology for rear projection in high ambient light, daylight and sunlight SunScreen is a revolutionary sun…