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Choosing the Right Transparent Display

With the retail, leisure and hospitality sector forced to close for the majority of the last year and a half, we’re now facing a serious lack of inspiration for how displays can be used in these environments. Despite many people being raring to go, a large portion are suffering with social anxieties and reservations about…

Museums & Galleries: 6 Design and Technology Ideas For The Post-Covid World

Galleries and museums across the world are opening their doors once more. They’ll face new challenges in attracting visitors in a post-COVID world, however, due to changed visitor expectations and lasting concerns from the pandemic.  Museums and galleries will have to adapt to offer new experiences and to allay any potential fears from the public….

Pro Display Technology in the Artistic Community

360 film visitor displays

Established over 15 years ago, Pro Display has been fortunate enough to work with some of the world’s biggest brands on a range of incredible and innovative projects. In this time, we’ve seen our Projection Mapping Film used to turn a 25 storey hotel into an immersive projection display and our Switchable Film used to…

Museum Display Technology & Visual Effects

digital glass museum display in Norway

Over the years, a wide range of Pro Display’s products have been specified for museums. For a number of reasons, many products that Pro Display offer are ideal for creating some of the best museum displays possible, from interactive projection touch screens that make up entire displays, to supporting screens that supplement a museum exhibit…

Portuguese Museum wows visitors with Rear Projection Cube

Rear Projection Cube Museum

For over 15 years, Pro Display has supplied projection display technologies to businesses all over the world. Investing time in research and development have led us to supplying one of the first Transparent Front Projection Films on the market as well as manufacturing the middle east’s largest Rigid Rear Projection Screen. Over the years we’ve…