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    Clients come to us because they know we source the very best equipment possible for the solutions we design and, with that, that we will not compromise on performance or quality; choosing to work with Epson and Pro Display for a project like this was therefore a natural choice. Quality and performance have always been our criteria when choosing our technology partners.

    – David Fell, the director of Eclipse Installations



    For over 15 years award winning British manufacturer Pro Display have been providing visual display solutions for projects around the globe. Working with some of the world’s leading brands providing everything from the biggest rear projection screen in the middle east to Mirror TV’s for the everyday home.

    Pro Display was born to innovate, changing the face of visual display as we know it today. A British manufacturer at the forefront of display technology, focused on new and exciting ways to advertise, inform and entertain.

    We pride ourselves on having a global network of dealers and distributors spanning over 100 countries worldwide. Our focus is to make Pro Display a global brand and open more branches in different parts of the world.


    Pro Display manufactures an innovative range of AV & Digital Signage solutions designed to advertise, inform and entertain


    Intelligent Glass manufactures the widest range of switchable glass and film solutions, designed for commercial and residential applications


    intouch brings you the future of multi-touch today, with a range of solutions designed for new installations and retrofit applications


    Pro Display has a rich heritage of innovation in the professional visual display market. Our early innovations include the first full-colour LED screens introduced into Europe in the 1990s and LED perimeter systems in the early 2000s.

    Pro Display continues to make substantial investment in R&D, developing its range of optical screens and films to meet the needs of the commercial and residential AV markets, and many other industry sectors.

    The Pro Display Group consists of a set of globally recognisable brands covering a wide range of industry sectors including Intelligent Glass®, intouch™ and Platinum Vision®.

    Collectively, the company has developed a number of ‘patented’ technologies including a number of unique manufacturing processes for their range of smart glass solutions.

    2004 Pro Display TM Limited is founded
    2011 Clearview Screens feature at the 83rd Oscars Celebration
    2015 Screen Gallery is opened
    2020 Pro Display Projection Screen features in Academy Award Nominated Film, ‘The Midnight Sky’


    Pro Display is a British manufacturer with its European headquarters located near Sheffield, UK. Here we manufacture, assemble and dispatch a wide range of professional-grade visual display solutions, smart glass and interactive touch technologies.

    Our Sheffield HQ is home to a number of trade-secret production processes and manufacturing techniques, developed over many years to create Pro Display’s unique range of solutions.

    Inside our factory doors, you’d find clean rooms where projection films and screens are being precision cut and bonded. Multi-touch foils and infrared frames being constructed and checked in our interactive technologies test-bed. You’d see more clean rooms where switchable smart glass products are prepared, custom projection screen frames being fabricated, and electronic components being soldered.


    “Experience the visual wonder of Pro Display, feel the magic of intouch and control the power of Intelligent Glass.”

    Our Screen Gallery in Wakefield provides you with an opportunity to share in our vision and see some of the most advanced screen technologies the world has to offer. Conveniently located directly opposite Wakefield Westgate train station, you can easily get to The Screen Gallery using a variety of transportation methods. Visits are by invitation only, so if you would like to see the technological marvels we have to offer, please enquire today.