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    Ultra Gain Lands in Airport Control Room

    Case Study, General, Project Focus

    Posted November 26th, 2020 by Emily Burkinshaw & filed under , Case Study, General, Project Focus.

    By April 2020, over 80% flight movements were restricted across all corners of the globe, seeing planes grounded in mass numbers for the first time in modern years. Despite the huge blow to the aviation industry airports powered on quietly, working around the clock to safely import and export cargo some supplying essential PPE to help us fight the COVID-19 Virus.

    Amongst navigating the ups and downs of the pandemic, battling borders opening and closing daily and ensuring the safe arrival of international cargo, like many other business’, airports have also used this downtime as an opportunity to upgrade their existing systems with our technology. During the summer, we provided our audio-visual solutions for a Vietnam based airport, providing an essential element for their control room.

    We manufactured and supplied ten of our optically coated 92” 16:9 (2037mm x 1146mm) Ultra Gain Front Projection Screens as well as bespoke, custom built aluminium framework to fit the individual screens together. The framework was designed to support the ten screens in a 5 x 2 format, creating a huge 10.19m wide display and providing an integral element to the control room. Not only was our framework built to support the weight of the individual screens, it was also designed to be suspended from the ceiling.

    In order to create this unique aluminium frame, several important factors had to be considered. The first was manufacturing a structure that could be broken down and reconstructed on arrival due to its size and shipping implications. We did this by building the framework so it could be broken down into 5 individual pieces, each numbered for easy of installation when it reached its new home in Vietnam. As well as this, we also had to consider the fixings for the screen as it was being suspended from the ceiling and needed to make sure there would be no bowing or warping when the screen was installed.


    The next element we had to consider was how we could maintain a near seamless effect when attaching the ten screens together and also how this would work when rebuilding the structure after transit. Two screens were bonded to each of the 5 pieces of frame whilst the whole structure was attached so we could ensure each piece would fit together perfectly. We provided our customer with a detailed guide and video assistance, supporting them throughout the install to ensure our screen was working as expected.


    This project required a front projection solution due to the lack of space available behind the display and the need for a complex framework system to support the structure of the screen. Due to the nature of the control room and it’s lighting conditions, our customer required a solution which would be unaffected by high ambient light. Our Ultra Gain Front Projection Screens are manufactured with a highly reflective surface, providing exceptional brightness, contrast, and resolution. The Ultra Gain Screen was primarily designed to excel in areas with high ambient light, displaying the brightest images in environments where the lighting cannot be controlled or altered.

    This impressive Ultra Gain Front Projection Screen covers almost the full width of the room, displaying everything from flight paths to CCTV cameras, all designed to appear on the screen in front of the relevant staff for their convenience. Our custom designed screen integrates perfectly into the workspace, working perfectly in the bright lighting conditions with no compromise on the existing working environment. As well as our rigid high brightness Ultra Gain Front Projection Screens, we also offer a self-adhesive film option, ideal for retrofitting to existing glass or acrylic surfaces. Our Ultra Gain Front Projection Film allows you to get the most out of your space, utilising window space or internal glass partitioning to create displays with perfect colour reproduction.

    Shipping a product of this size might seem daunting, but with over 15 years of international shipping experience we know all the best practices for transporting goods internationally safely. This exciting project for this Southeast Asian airport is just one of many large scale projection projects we have completed, some requiring similar de-constructable frameworks, others requiring huge single piece products like our 4.5 x 2.3 meter Digital Glass Screen installed in the Dubai Mall.

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