Smart Glass


Intelligent Glass from Pro Display manufactures switchable smart glass and smart film solutions with a constant focus on quality and reliability.

For more than a decade we have manufactured stylish and practical smart glass products with applications in a wide range of sectors.

Talk to us about finding a smart glass product to suit your needs: switchable toughened glass panels; switchable double glazed units; laminated switchable screens; switchable projection screens, and self-adhesive retrofit switchable film.

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Switchable Smart Glass

Switchable glass: Instant switchable privacy in toughened single-glazed panels, hard-wearing laminated panels, or double-glazed units. And great energy performance too.

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Switchable Smart Film

Switchable film: Available in standard or self-adhesive films, simply apply to existing glass or plexiglass windows for instant, switchable privacy. Doubles as a rear projection surface too!