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    Pro Display heads to Hall 1 for ISE 2016

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    Posted January 8th, 2016 by Sean Brown & filed under , General, Press Release.

    Interactive mirrors, transparent LCD screens, and anti-glare treatments are the new faces on Pro Display’s stand at ISE 2016. With important updates to flagship display technologies such as Digital Glass, Interactive Mirrorvision Overlays and SunScreen, you can get up close and personal with our products at ISE 2016.

    Pro Display will exhibit in Hall 1, stand M6, from 9-12 February 2016, at the newly extended 4-day show at RAI Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Follow this link to book your complementary ticket, quoting offer code 837895.

    ISE 2016 sees the Pro Display team return to the RAI Amsterdam, this time with a larger booth in Hall 1. We will showcase our next-generation optical projection screens, multi-touch technologies, and innovative screen solutions such as interactive mirrors, transparent LCD screens and anti-glare treatments for new and existing displays.

    interactive-mirrorvision transparent-lcd anti-glare

    Images: Interactive retail mirror display; Large format transparent LCD screen; Retrofit anti-glare protective film

    In the last 12 months we have noted a number of key trends in the market: a rise in demand for large-format projection screens; a dramatic increase in the use of ultra-short throw projection; and continued strong interest in interactive touch solutions. In response to this demand, we have enhanced flagship products in our range such as Digital Glass and SunScreen, whilst introducing a number of complementary new offerings.

    Pro Display’s large projection screens lend themselves perfectly to ultra-HD formats, having effectively infinite resolution at normal viewing distances thanks to the micro-diffusion characteristics of the latest optical surfaces. The only limiting factor is the projection hardware, and projectors can already be tiled to create resolutions beyond 4K. Projection also offers significant cost savings over LCD or LED panels, especially at sizes over a 90″ diagonal.

    Ultra-short throw is forecast to be the fastest growing sector in projector sales to 2020, according to research by Marketwatch.com. Pro Display launched its new ultra-short throw screen technologies for rear projection (Digital Glass) and front projection (SunScreen) at ISE 2015 last year, and is now extremely well positioned to serve this growing market over the coming years.

    Finally, interactive touch solutions are being specified in new installations, and also as a retrofit solution to extend the life of existing non-touch display screens. People increasingly expect to interact with the images they see, and our intouch division exists to meet that expectation.

    Highlights from the product range on our stand are:

    • intouch Interactive Mirrorvision display
      Adding multi-touch interactivity to HD and 4K mirrored screens delivers a uniquely engaging display solution. The interactive mirror display can be custom made for integration into walls or partitions, or teamed with a picture frame to create a stunning focal point for retail and hospitality environments.
    • Transparent LCD display
      Transparent LCD screens offer a whole new world of creative opportunities for promotional display. With a range of sizes available, they make hugely engaging retail windows, interactive booths, display cases, games, vending machines, drinks coolers and more. They can also be teamed with touch foils or infrared frames to add interactivity to the mix.
    • Anti-glare overlay and self-adhesive anti-glare film
      Glare is often a problem for displays in brightly lit environments. Available as a glass overlay and a self-adhesive film, Pro Display’s anti-glare solution diffuses incident light, softens harsh lights and minimises reflections. The hardwearing surface protects the screen, while also significantly enhancing touch feel by reducing friction on the glass, giving a super smooth interface.
    • Digital Glass extra-large format ultra-short throw rear projection optical screen
      Digital Glass is now available as a single, seamless rigid screen up to 8 metres by 3 metres, giving installers and integrators an extra-large format screen solution for auditoriums, events and exhibitions, retail advertising and digital signage. Designed specifically for ultra-short throw projectors and edge-blended installations, it can also be combined with Pro Display’s infrared multi-touch frames to create extra-large format interactive displays.
    • SunScreen ultra-short throw front projection optical screen
      A truly unique, sun-readable front projection screen that delivers outstanding brightness and contrast, even in direct sunlight. SunScreen will sit under direct spotlights on the Pro Display stand, unlike other manufacturers who point their lights away from the screen. Designed for the latest ultra-short throw projector technology, SunScreen’s light-rejecting optical filter delivers amazing levels of performance.
    • Ultra Black high contrast rear projection optical screen
      Delivering stunning visuals with exceptional contrast, Ultra Black is the perfect partner for discerning commercial and domestic audiovisual installs. Designed for rear projection installations, this rigid acrylic screen has a high gloss jet black finish delivering outstanding black levels, colour reproduction and even image brightness.
    • Ultra Gain highly reflective front projection film
      Ultra Gain is a self-adhesive front projection film for use with standard throw projectors in high ambient light environments. Able to be applied to any solid flat surface, Ultra Gain’s highly reflective finish delivers outstanding brightness levels without sacrificing wide viewing angles.
    • Slimline digital signage kiosk
      Designed for 24/7 use, this digital signage kiosk has a commercial grade HD LED display covered by a full length toughened glass overlay. Finished in gloss white, reflective mirror or optional custom branded graphics, the kiosk is available in 50″ and 55″ diagonal screen sizes.
    • High brightness digital signage screen
      Where bright ambient light is a problem, even direct sunlight, a high brightness monitor delivers outstanding results. This commercial grade digital signage display can be mounted in landscape or portrait format and is particularly suited for retail window applications. High brightness displays are available in standard diagonal screen sizes from 32″ to 65″.
    • Slimline digital signage screen
      In more controlled lighting, this digital signage screen serves landscape or portrait mounting onto a wall, stand or built into a custom surround. They are popular choices with retail stores such as estate agents, teamed with an interactive touch foil for thru-glass applications. Slimline advertising monitors are available in standard diagonal screen sizes from 22″ to 55″.
    • intouch retrofit multi-touch frame kits
      Infrared multi-touch frames retrofit to existing monitors and rear projection screens and are manufactured in standard sizes from 32″ to 98″, or custom sizes to match even extra-large format screens. Touch frames can extend the useful life of non-touch displays and squeezing more from existing investment in technology. intouch frames are simple to assemble and connect via USB for instant Plug & Play use.
    • intouch interactive multi-touch foils
      Projected capacitance foils that convert any window, glass partition, monitor or table top into an interactive multi-touch screen. The foils are available in standard diagonal sizes from 10″ to 85″, or tailored to individual installations. They can also be combined with Pro Display’s optical rear projection films to create instant interactive thru-glass multi-touch screens.
    • intouch interactive digital signage kiosk
      Designed for 24/7, high usage, high traffic applications this kiosk combines a commercial grade HD display with a toughened glass overlay, plus infrared multi-touch technology to create a robust and reliable interactive kiosk. With options for custom branded finishes, the intouch kiosk is available in 50″ and 55″ diagonal screen sizes.
    • Intelligent Glass switchable smart glass wall
      Switchable smart glass continues to be specified by AV installers, interior designers and architects alike, combining projection, privacy and insulating properties into one smart material. Smart glass turns from clear to frosted in an instant, and can be used as a high-definition rear projection screen in its frosted state.
    • Intelligent Glass switchable smart film projection screen
      Switchable smart film screens have gained popularity in churches, museums and similar architecturally important buildings. The screen turns clear at the flick of a switch, disappearing from sight until needed as a projection surface. Switchable smart film is available as a retrofit self-adhesive product to apply to existing glass or acrylic windows or partitions.

    Ben Kershaw, Sales Manager at Pro Display, says:

    “The growth of digital signage is clear to see, and projection screens continue to be a solution very much in demand, especially at larger sizes. Interactive touch is increasingly being specified as part of digital signage installations too, and Pro Display is extremely well positioned to deliver, having launched our intouch division at ISE last year.”

    “We continue to innovate, and at ISE 2016 we will show our interactive Mirrorvision screen, light-rejecting SunScreen optical surface, and Digital Glass large format rear projection screen. Our aim is to be the leading manufacturer of high quality custom display, touch and smart glass solutions that professional integrators and installers can trust.”

    Pro Display’s products will be on show in Hall 1, stand M6 at ISE 2016.

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