Digital Glass Makes an Impact

Largest Rigid Rear Projection Screen in the Middle East Installed in Dubai Mall

As with all projection applications, there is more to a cutting edge display than just the projector. An effective display solution relies on several factors that are essential to maintain a setup that serves your requirements to the best standard possible. One such component is the projection screen, something which Pro Display and Eclipse Installations know all too well. One of Eclipse Installations’ most recent projects required an innovative alternative to conventional large video walls in order to avoid the dissecting bezels that cuts content into parts. The Chalhoub Group were seeking a single screen solution for their luxury shoe store, Level Shoes in Dubai Mall to display high quality content, without the usual join lines that are so often seen on traditional video walls.

Pro Display rose to the challenge by supplying our unique optical screen technology for ultra-short throw rear projection applications – Digital Glass. Digital Glass is a rather special screen that displays incredibly high-quality images. Manufactured using a special process that coats our advanced proprietary optical projection layer directly onto ultra-clear glass or cast acrylic, Digital Glass is a cost effective large format Ultra HD screen that is specifically designed for Ultra Short Throw applications, allowing it to be used in areas where space is limited and at a premium. In this case, it served as a high-quality alternative to video walls alongside an Epson EB-L1405U projector, which is a large-venue projector that combines a laser light source and 3LCD technology for powerful, uncompromising images, meeting The Chalhoub Group’s requirements.

Epson comments, “Eclipse Installations’ concern was to find a trusted vendor that could provide a high-quality projector for this prestigious project. They decided to meet with Epson’s team in Dubai to understand whether they could provide an apt solution and, for the Rear Projection surface, the UK based company Pro Display.” Pro Display’s reputation in AV innovation is one to behold. We pride ourselves on our commitment to the development of our technologies, operating for over 25 years in optical screen Research & Development. Digital Glass falls amongst one of our newest innovations, catching the interest of major projector manufacturers all over the world for its outstanding image quality and performance.

David Fell, the director of Eclipse Installations, comments on the collaboration, “clients come to us because they know we source the very best equipment possible for the solutions we design and, with that, that we will not compromise on performance or quality; choosing to work with Epson and Pro Display for a project like this was therefore a natural choice.” He adds, “Quality and performance have always been our criteria when choosing our technology partners.”

Pro Display are proud to have contributed to this amazing project, and look forward continuing to collaborate with Eclipse Installations and Epson in the future. Ben Hadfield, Pro Display’s sales lead on this project explains “Pro Display have a great working relationship with partners. We have worked hard over the years to build a solid global reseller network which sees our products sold all over the world. We are delighted to be able to work alongside companies such as Epson and Eclipse Installations at each stage of a project’s life, allowing us to be a part of some of the world’s most exciting and pioneering AV installations, as well as putting us in a position to offer advice and support, ensuring the project is completed to the highest of standards.”

Other Options

Pro Display offers a solid range of display focused products that will excite your customers. In addition to the product mentioned in this article, there is a wealth of information about our audio/visual options available to you on our website. If you have some ideas about how you would like to integrate our technology into your displays, please get in touch using the form below, or call us on +44 (0)1226 740 663.


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