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Sky Sports Touch Screen Pro Display

Sky Sports relaunched its global news channel in August with Pro Display intouch screens featuring heavily. The introduction of next generation touch technology promised more investigations and greater use of social media.

Touchscreen technology is becoming increasingly important to Sky, and is widely used on sports productions, however for Sky Sports News the challenge was to have the thinnest possible bezels around the screens.

Head of Technology at Sky Sports, Mike Ruddell, said: “Because every part of the newsroom is part of the studio, the screens would be seen from 360º, so infrared technology was not going to be the best choice. They are affected by studio lighting, which is fine if the screen is in a fixed position, but we have three Sky Pads (touch screens) in the newsroom, all being twisted around, and it had to work as a screen from any direction.”

To achieve a thin bezel, they decided on Pro Display projected capacitive touch technology custom designed for Sky. 32”, 55” and 75” Sky Pads were implemented using commercial grade displays designed to work 18 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Pro Display’s intouch division is set to launch in October which features a complete range of next generation touch screen technology designed primarily for corporate, retail and education applications.