Platinum Vision Designer Home Interiors

Home Movie TheaterPro Display has used its design flair, development skills and innovative range of technologies to break into home theatre market, by bringing the future of visual display into your home today.

For individuals who have a need to be different and a desire for the very latest and innovative technology, image has now become a way of life. Our designer home interiors range, offers a number of unique screen technologies that can become an integral part of your home. Designer screen solutions from Pro Display provide a whole new concept in visual display.

Platinum Vision

Platinum Vision offers a unique range of lifestyle screen technologies to inspire any home theatre enthusiast. The minimalist look and feel of the technology blends in with today’s contemporary interiors. Creating a world where TV / PC screens become an integral part of the décor or their own piece of moving art.

Platinum Vision is our signature brand for the home interiors market and many solutions will be available as part of a ‘limited edition’ model range, offering individuals the opportunity to purchase custom screen solutions to express their desire to be different.

This exclusive range of screen technologies represents home integration with a feeling of style and space, giving individuals, interior designers and property developers the opportunity to express their artistic side and share in our vision.