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    Volvo Uses Interactive Window in Pop-Up Store

    Case Study, General

    Posted May 26th, 2022 by Emily Burkinshaw & filed under , Case Study, General.

    Over the years we’ve seen Interactive Windows used in many different ways to make a lasting impression on passing traffic. From smart glass countdowns to browsing luxury brands outside store opening hours, we have a range of solutions that could allow your window space to reach it’s maximum potential. An alternative to traditional window dressings, our technologies make it possible to create eye-catching displays with minimal or even no floorspace necessary, or alternatively, offers a digital display that doesn’t impact the view into the store from the outside.

    One project where our products were used to great effect was in a Volvo pop-up store installation, designed to raise awareness of the Volvo Sensus Connect, an infotainment system that can connect your Volvo to the outside world and provide you with information, entertainment and functions to help simplify your ownership. Volvo were also aiming to drive more brand engagement as well as increase footfall into their Pop-Up shop. The idea was to create an interactive window where shoppers could ‘connect’ to the brand-new Volvo V40 being showcased inside the store. Creative technology agency Knit, which were selected by Volvo to bring their idea for life, wanted to display a light pattern memory game which shoppers were able to interact with for the chance to win a prize.

    In order to get the most out of the display and ensure the focus would still remain on the vehicles inside the store, they opted to use a transparent display that would give them the best of both worlds, our Clearview Holographic Rear Projection Film. The environment within an indoor shopping center was the perfect setting for using our Clearview Film, paired with a high-powered, bright projection system to create a high-quality image on screen. To grant the display interactivity without taking away its transparency, our 50” Clearview film was paired with one of our Interactive Dual Touch Foils to create a through-glass touch surface.

    The game worked by showing users a pattern on the screen which they would then have to repeat by connecting the dots. If the game was won within three attempts, upon completion the user is asked to ‘follow the dots’, as they animate off-screen by triggering a series of LED lights. As the lights reach the vehicle a burst of light from under the car is triggered, with the trail of light then bouncing back to the display, telling the user they are “CONNECTED” and encouraging them to come inside & find out more.

    This example is one of the most effective ways interactive window displays can be used in a retail setting, by not only engaging passing traffic but linking the display directly to products in the store to encourage shoppers over the threshold. By using our Clearview Projection film users can see through the screen even when the display is in use, offering the chance for items inside to catch the customer’s eye while they have their attention, again more likely to encourage them to shop in-store.

    Our interactive dual touch foils are available in standard screen sizes from 27” to 82” and are manufactured with a self-adhesive layer, which can be retrofit to any existing glass or acrylic surface. Our touch foils work using PCAP (projected capacitive) touch technology to register any interaction by using the conductivity of the body, making them ideal for use with fingers or gloved hands. Whilst dual-touch capabilities were perfect for this particular application, we also offer single or multi-touch foils, providing up to 10 touchpoints.

    Whilst our Clearview Rear Projection Film worked to great effect in this installation, the environment is not always suited to this type of projection material. The transparent nature of the film means the higher the levels of ambient lighting in the environment, the higher the power projector you would need to use to achieve a quality display and is not recommended for use in broad daylight & direct sunlight. In these trickier conditions, we offer a range of alternative projection materials from our specialist range including other self-adhesive films like our Pro Diffusion & Ultra Black which offer high contrast, and our sun readable rear projection technology Sunscreen. Our interactive touch foils can also be applied to glass windows in front of an existing LCD or LED display to allow users to engage with the content from outside the store, providing a secure display solution that can be used even outside store hours.


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