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    Virtual Reality tractors, a CAVE, and Pro Display’s Ultra Black Screens

    Case Study, General, Press Release, Project Focus

    Posted September 9th, 2015 by Sean Brown & filed under , Case Study, General, Press Release, Project Focus.

    Pro Display’s Ultra Black rear projection screens have been used to create a simulation CAVE for agricultural machinery firm AGCO. The Ultra Black projection screens form the front and side walls of AGCO’s latest virtual reality 3D tractor simulator.

    Pro Display has supplied its Ultra Black rear projection screens to leading agricultural machinery manufacturer AGCO for its brand new 3D tractor simulator.

    AGCO’s hi-tech R&D facility, near Beauvais in France, houses a Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE) for 3D simulation of the firm’s agricultural vehicles. The CAVE uses three Ultra Black rear projection acrylic screens, covering a total projected area of over 11 square metres, and precision shaped to fit the CAVE perfectly.

    AGCO has a reputation for delivering innovation alongside exceptional levels of quality, with a mission to deliver hi-tech machinery to farmers worldwide. The output of its research and development facility, including the CAVE, underpins that reputation. And the success of any CAVE installation depends on the viewer being completely immersed in the 3D visuals while using the simulator.

    Pro Display’s Ultra Black screens deliver outstanding contrast levels, colour saturation and pixel resolution, all of which combine to create that immersive environment. The jet black projection surface is diffused with millions of crystal lenses, distributing light across the surface for stunning image quality and wide viewing angles.

    Christophe Laplace, Virtual Reality lead at AGCO commented:

    “The display quality of Pro Display’s products is incredible. Virtual reality specialists who visited our CAVE recently were impressed by the display contrast and precise resolution. We’re really looking forward to the product development benefits that the simulator will bring.”

    Pro Display’s Ben Kershaw adds:

    “It’s extremely rewarding to see our products in cutting edge specialist AV environments like AGCO’s CAVE. Our focus, as ever, remains on developing display products that help our clients get the very best performance from their AV installations.”

    Pro Display manufactures professional quality front projection and rear projection surfaces designed to perform in a range of lighting conditions and projector configurations.

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