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    Smiles For Air Miles With Transparent Touch Screens From Pro Display

    Case Study, General, Press Release, Project Focus

    Posted July 13th, 2015 by Sean Brown & filed under , Case Study, General, Press Release, Project Focus.

    The Air Miles ‘Smiles 4 Miles’ campaign visited 22 Canadian cities, inviting the public to exchange smiles for prizes. The ‘smile booth’, built by creative technology agency wonderMakr, used transparent LCD screens and infrared multi-touch frames from British display manufacturer Pro Display.

    Pro Display supplied transparent LCD screens and infrared multi-touch frames to Canadian creative digital technology agency wonderMakr as part of its high-profile promotional campaign for Air Miles Canada.

    The campaign rolled out during the month of May to 57 locations in 22 cities across Canada, with a mission to reward Air Miles customers for giving their best smile in front of one of five ‘smile booths’.

    The booths are highly modified vending machines, complete with camera, Wi-Fi connected PC, bespoke software and special campaign branding. Pro Display played its part by supplying wonderMakr with 47″ transparent LCD screens paired with 47″ intouch infrared touch frames.

    Firstly the camera captures the customer’s smiling face whilst scanning their Air Miles card. The photo then appears on the transparent LCD screen, and – once the customer is happy – it is sent automatically to the customer’s email address. Behind the transparent screen, stocked in familiar vending machine rows, are the prizes ready to be released at random to lucky customers.

    Prizes range from free Air Miles, to VIP concert tickets, to a pair of first class flights anywhere in the world. And, if customers agree, their winning smiles would also appear on Air Miles digital signage billboards in Canada’s major cities.

    Finished in Air Miles livery, each booth has a name beginning with ‘A’: Adam, Alice, André, Annie and Ava. The booths make regular posts on the ‘Smiles 4 Miles’ social media accounts – Twitter handle @AIRMILESbooths – complete with the customer photos they have taken.

    Mark Stewart, Managing Director at wonderMakr, says:

    “We specialise in bringing innovative technology and creative marketing together to create something truly unique and compelling. For a high profile client like Air Miles, and such a publicly visible campaign, we needed both quality and reliability in the components of the solution. We found exactly that at Pro Display.”

    Rachel Macqueen, Air Miles Reward Program’s VP of marketing, comments:

    “It’s about reinforcing to our collectors that Air Miles is an everyday brand that can pop up and make your everyday experiences a little bit better. Over the first three days of the campaign the booths had more than 1,000 direct interactions and more than one million social impressions.”

    Ben Kershaw, Sales Manager at Pro Display, adds:

    “Pro Display has a great track record in delivering innovative display technologies to our customers. We focus on quality, reliability and attention to detail, whilst never losing sight of that all-important wow factor. It’s fantastic to see the Smile Booths in action on their Canadian tour.”

    Pro Display transparent LCD screens are available in a range of standard sizes up to 84″ diagonal. intouch infrared multi-touch frames are available in standard diagonal sizes up to 98″, with larger and bespoke sizes available on request.

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