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    The Next Innovations in Touchscreen Technology

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    Posted March 12th, 2021 by Emily Burkinshaw & filed under , General, Inspiration, Technology.

    Touchscreen technology has come a long way since it was initially invented back in the 1960s. A decade later, capacitive touchscreens were by and large replaced by resistive touchscreens, before multi-touch devices sprang onto the market in the 1980s. 

    In the decades since touchscreen technology has permeated every aspect of our lives. Indeed, it’s estimated that modern smartphone users touch their phone’s touchscreen display over 2,000 times per day. At Pro Display, our range of touchscreen technology includes the likes of interactive screens, interactive touch overlays, and interactive touch kiosks, but what’s next? Let’s examine some of the most innovative new developments in our product range when it comes to touchscreen technology.

    Interactive Transparent OLEDs

    Transparent OLED Screens are one of the hottest new technologies on the display market having only recently become available to the public. Unlike other transparent display technologies, these screens are self-lit meaning they don’t require an additional backlight in order to display an image.

    Transparent OLED Displays have a brilliant visual impact mainly due to their rarity, with only few people seeing or having heard of their existence. They require no clunky housing like similar Transparent LCD technologies and boast a thin bezel, meaning the stunning HD 1080p  images literally appear to float in mid air.

    We’ve combined this incredible technology with our tried and tested Interactive Touch Frames and PCAP Overlays to create a truly remarkable solution that’s guaranteed to make a lasting impression. Our Interactive TOLED Screens really are a thing of the future, allowing users to interact with content whilst still being able to see what’s happening on the other side of the screen, the closest existing tech to the ‘Minority Report’ yet!

    Interactive Switchable Glass

    Why only imagine a touch screen that can just disappear when not in use when you could own one! Combining the practicality of our Switchable Smart Glass, which changes state from frosted to clear at the touch of a button (or a voice command!), with an interactive touch frame comes a unique solution ideal for any versatile environment. 

    Our Smart Glass gives you privacy on demand with the option to switch to clear to create a more open, welcoming space. When turned off, the Switchable Glass also acts as a 4K/HD rear projection screen which you can interact with, providing a one stop solution for a huge range of needs. These screens could be a great addition to any educational institution, workplace or retail environment.

    Large Format Interactive Touch Frames

    IR Touch frames are often associated with retrofitting onto existing display screens, but few people realise the true potential of this technology. We are now able to offer custom touch frames up to a huge 10m x 3m, opening up a whole world of opportunity for interactive applications. These touch frames can be paired with video walls or even large format LED screens to create a showstopping display that’s impossible to forget.

    Not only are our touch frames now available in mammoth sizes, they’re also multi touch allowing multiple people to interact with the content on the screen (or screens) at the same time. Our touch frames can also be fitted to sit slightly away from the front of the screen as they work by registering a break in the Infra-red light, producing a similar experience to the standard fitting without needing to touch the screen itself, a hygiene miracle!

    Interactive Touch Foils

    For use with LCD and LED displays our Interactive Touch Foils make interactivity possible without compromising on security. We see our touch foils used most popularly in window displays, where the screen remains inside the store whilst the customer is still able to interact with the content from the outside.

    Newly added to our product range, our multi touch foils are now available in sizes up to 110”, giving users a larger canvas to interact with simultaneously. If you’re looking for a quick solution to bring your project up to speed with the latest of touchscreen technologies, these foils can be installed to any existing glass surface in minutes, providing a minimalist solution without the hassle. We also offer Interactive Projection Foils, combining our range of specialist projection films with the interactive qualities of a touch foil.

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