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    LED vs SMD Lamp Technology

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    Posted September 22nd, 2012 by Sean Brown & filed under , Archive, General, Technology.

    The last 3 years has seen vast improvements in existing LED Lamp Technology and the development of new technologies such as SMD (surface mount device). This technology was predominantly developed to create smaller scale lighting devices for a multitude of product applications within different industry sectors, where the light source could be miniaturized and the components mounted directly onto the electronic boards. This then transpired into a large leap forward within the display industry, with two major advances. The LEDs could be much smaller and placed closer together and also 3 LEDs of different colours could be placed together within one tiny case.

    The result of this was a much smaller pixel pitch (distance between the LEDs) therefore resulting in higher resolution and image quality. Within the display industry SMD has been predominantly used to create full colour displays for indoor applications, due to the limitations in brightness that can be achieved.

    Pro Display’s Advanced LED Technologies

    Pro Display’s LED display solutions – utilize only the highest grade components available within the industry, to provide product quality and reliability. All our displays are produced under strict ISO standards and every component is checked and tested prior to delivery. We pride ourselves on having one of the most comprehensive warranties with the LED industry, offering 3 year warranty on all LED components we produce. Factory engineers are available to assist our dealers with any large installs, to commission the system and train your engineers on how to operate the control system / software and carry out general maintenance.

    LED Lamp Technology

    Pro Display prides itself on its comprehensive range of full colour LED lamp solutions, utilising the very best lamp components from Japan / USA. Our LED lamp technology is mainly used for our range of outdoor LED screens as the brightness levels are high enough to compete with direct sunlight. Many of our full colour outdoor screens are created using ‘virtual pixel’ technology which has the effect of doubling the resolution for moving images. Depending on a customer’s requirements we can manufacture our LED lamp screens using two different types of lamp, which means we have an economy range and an exclusive range depending upon budget.

    We have also recently developed a NEW type of economical flat LED lamp technology which we are currently utilising for our 7.62mm full colour indoor screens.

    Outdoor Modular Screen Systems
    Pixel pitch  –  10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm and 40mm

    Indoor Modular Screen Systems
    Pixel Pitch  –  7.62mm, 10mm and 12mm

    SMD (3-in-1) Technology
    Pro Display has made many advances in its range of SMD (3-in-1) screen solutions over the last two years with the development of a new range of chips from Nichia and CREE. Utilising special techniques we have been able to increase brightness and contrast levels on the boards to create a costs effective range of full colour indoor / semi outdoor displays.

    Other advances include our 10mm and 16mm high brightness SMD boards for outdoor display applications. The 16mm SMD board is utilised for our LED perimeter systems for football stadiums and sports arenas.

    Outdoor Modular Screen Systems
    Pixel Pitch  –  10mm and 16mm

    Indoor / Window / Semi-Outdoor Modular Screen Systems

    Pixel Pitch  –  6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm

    Perimeter Advertising Modular Screen Systems
    Pixel Pitch – 10mm

    Dot Matrix Technology
    Utilising new manufacturing techniques our engineers have recently been able to develop a range of high brightness full colour dot matrix modules to create cost effective displays for the signage / advertising industry. These high resolution display modules are available in 6mm, 7.62mm and 10mm pixel pitch, with a brightness level of 2700 nits making them suitable for both indoor / window / semi outdoor applications. The board design means the display has a more even surface offering greater uniformity and colour blending across the surface.

    Indoor / Window / Semi-Outdoor Modular Screen Systems
    Pixel Pitch  –  6mm, 7.62mm and 10mm

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