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    KPMG thinks smart in the Middle East

    Case Study, General, Project Focus

    Posted September 26th, 2013 by Sean Brown & filed under , Case Study, General, Project Focus.

    Switchable Glass technology was recently installed at KPMG’s offices in Kuwait. The installation included a number of Laminated Switchable Glass panels and self-adhesive Switchable Film which can be simply retro-fit to existing glazing. Switchable Glass technology transforms any space at the flick of a switch offering instant privacy and security. The product works on an electrical current and when activated switches from clear to opaque. In its opaque state, the product can also be used as a high definition rear projection screen.

    Nawaf AlShamari, managing director of installers Rare Kuwait, said: “Our first installation for the Switchable Glass product was done at AlHamra Business Tower for KPMG. The installation was a great success to offer this new technology in Kuwait. The quality and simplicity of Switchable Glass provides the ideal environment of privacy for office interiors and conference rooms.”

    Mr. Safi AlMutawa, CEO of KPMG said ” delivering instant privacy to carry out important meetings and presentations, without distractions from onlookers, and co-workers in a simple click was great innovation, and eliminating the need for curtains/blinds which can look dated and unpleasant”.

    Nawaf AlShamari added, “I think every corporation today should use this technology to provide the ideal environment of privacy for office interiors. It’s a stand out product which is cost effective and environmentally friendly”.

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