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    Intelligent Glass Applications

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    Posted November 4th, 2012 by Sean Brown & filed under , Archive, General, Technology.

    The most prominent applications for our LCD Glass and Film are:
    · Privacy / Security Windows
    · Electro-Optical Devices
    · High Definition Projection Screen

    Electrical light switching and vision control glazing:
    · Partitions
    · Privacy Windows
    · Panels
    · Dividers
    · Screens
    · Curtains & doors
    · Exhibition / presentation screen
    · Advertising screen

    The Following are examples of applications:
    · Privacy Windows for Homes and Offices
    · Curtains / Privacy Panels for Meeting Rooms
    · Rear Projection Screens of Conference / Training Facilities
    · Entrance Doors for Buildings and Offices
    · Light Control Windows
    · Skylight and Vision Panels
    · External Windows for Bathrooms, Kitchens, Living Rooms
    · Conservatory Window / Roof Panels
    · Security Control Panels
    · Safety / Security Partitions
    · Counter / Display Windows
    · Room Partitions
    · Information Screen / Window
    · Promotion / Advertising Screen
    · Screens and Displays for Hotels / Bars / Clubs
    · Visual Panels in Doors
    · Changing Room Doors and Closets
    · Bath Room / Restroom Partitions
    · Security Windows for Banks / Casinos / Jewellery stores
    · Counters & Display Cases
    · Dressing and Fitting Room Doors
    · Side / Rear / Sunroof Panels in Vehicles
    · Security Partitions between Driver and Passenger (Taxi / Limousine)
    · Electro-Optical Modules (Light Control Module, Filter, Welding Glasses)


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