Intelligent Glass stays discreet within historic church

A historic listed church in the north of England is the last place you would expect to find what is reckoned to be the world’s largest fixed LCD projection display. Yet that is what NEC and Pro Display have installed at St. Andrews Church, a Grade II-listed building in Leyland, Lancashire.

The installation has helped to bring modern technology into a traditional structure sympathetically to meet the church’s specific display requirements. The 12th century church is a beautiful structure, but was very dark inside and did not provide the modern features or atmosphere to attract a 21st century demographic.

A solution was needed that would bring services to life for an audience with a wide variety of needs. Pro Display provided the large glass projection screen that now hangs from discreet cables in the church’s nave. When a charge is passed through the screen, the LCD becomes transparent, allowing light to pass through it and offer unobstructed views to the stained-glass window behind. When the screen is required, the charge is switched off, making the screen opaque so that images can be projected onto it from the rear. In another step to make the installation as unobtrusive as possible the NEC MT1075 sits off to the side, hidden on a platform in the nave.

Vicar David Gibb wanted to evolve his style of service to attract a wider audience to the church. “We knew we wanted something different and engaging, but at the same time it had to work with the existing architecture. This is a good example of how cutting-edge technology can work together with the oldest structures, and sensitively bring the two together to update even the most traditional settings.

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