Clearview is the clear choice for pulp.noir stage set

Clearview Transparent Screens Used on Stage

Pro Display’s Clearview transparent projection screens play a starring role in stage performance ‘Signal To Noise’ by artist collective pulp.noir. Clearview acrylic screens are strategically placed on stage to create virtual doubles of the actors, adding an extra dimension to the show.

Pro Display has supplied its Clearview transparent rear projection screens to Swiss artist group pulp.noir for its recent dystopian stage show entitled, ‘Signal To Noise’.

Photography: Max Roth (Please contact us for hi-res versions. Scroll down the page for videos.)

The pulp.noir collective was formed in 2004 by musician Thomas Fischer and video artist Julia Maria Morf, to discover and explore the absurdity of modern life. Works include scenic, installation and performance works and are shown to a wide audience interested in theatre, arts, music and film.

In a Big Brother-inspired story, Pro Display’s Clearview screens show holographic-effect doppelgangers of the performers on-stage. The actors engage with their own video avatars, creating a surreal, 3-dimensional environment in which live performance, video and audio are interwoven with audience interaction.

The audience is immersed further into the story by the Clearview projection screens as they fill the stage with effects such as being underwater or flying over clouds. The three screens stand 2.5 metres tall by 1.75 metres wide and are suspended between the actors and the audience.

Pro Display’s Clearview projection surface is 92% transparent, yet delivers a stunning projected image thanks to a combination of special optical dyes and millions of crystal lenses embedded within the screen. In this installation, each screen was projected onto by an EIKI 2,500 lumens projector.

Julia Maria Morf, audiovisual artist and co-founder of pulp.noir, says:

“Signal To Noise explores how the lines have blurred between our real and digital selves. The Clearview projection screens are key pieces of this project as their transparency gives us so many creative visual options. Letting the actors interact with virtual doubles of themselves has a very powerful theatrical impact.”

Ben Kershaw, Sales Manager at Pro Display, comments:

“We’re always excited to see new creative installations from our clients. Using our Clearview screens as part of the stage set and also part of the performance is a brilliant example. For our part, we’ll continue to bring innovative display technologies to market, enabling our customers to create new showstopping AV installations.”

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