CAVE Projection Screens

CAVE Projection Screens tractor

HD / 4K Projection CAVE Optical Glass / Lightweight Acrylic Screens Transport yourself anywhere with Pro Display’s incredible CAVE Projection Screens. Projecting an ultra high definition (4K) image on to multiple projection walls helps to create a multisensory immersive environment that can emulate an endless range of scenery. Jet off in a state-of-art spaceship or…

Simulator Projection Screens

simulator projector screen

HD / 4K Simulation Projection Optical Glass / Lightweight Acrylic Screens Transport yourself anywhere with Pro Display’s incredible Projection Simulation Screens. Simulator projector screen are a remarkable way to imitate visual aspects of real life scenes- projecting an ultra-high definition (4K) image on to a wall helps to establish an immersive and transformative environment that…

Optical Large Format Projection Screens

large format projection screens exhibitions

Pro Display’s Optical Large Format Projection Screens are sure to offer a larger-than-life visual experience for your audience, whether you’re looking to entertain, communicate information or advertise. Your projection screen is the focal point of your AV installation, and as such, it is important that you are equipped with a good quality screen to ensure that your visual experience…

Rear Projection Screens

best rear projection screen

A Pro Display rear projection screen offers unsurpassed brightness, contrast and viewing angles making us the number one choice worldwide. With a rear projection screen the projector is placed behind the screen, shooting towards the audience.

Ultra Short Throw Rear Projection Screen

ultra short throw rear projection screen shopping center display

Digital Glass Optical screen for ultra short throw rear projection applications Digital Glass is Pro Display’s next generation ultra short throw projector screen technology. It is manufactured by a special process that coats an advanced optical projection layer directly down onto toughened glass. The projection layer itself is our new optical material, offering high brightness…

360° Projection Film

dual sided film partitions

Dual sided self-adhesive film for front or rear projection applications Create an image viewable from both sides of the film at the same time using just one projector. An off white screen film (120 micron) offering excellent contrast and resolution – HD quality images Pro Display’s 360° dual image projection screen is the perfect choice…