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Projection Mapping at ISE 2019

3D Projection mapping at ISE 2019

Pro Display help mark ISE on the map for projection mapping Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) took the world by storm in 2019, as those involved in the AV industry descended from all corners of the globe to celebrate another year of innovation and success in Audiovisual technology. Experts and enthusiasts alike flock to Amsterdam each…

Pro Display Supports Artistic Excellence

ruskin school of art

Institutions of artistic excellence are unavoidably expected to be at the forefront of innovative display methods, often turning to Pro Display to help achieve the perfect visuals to showcase incredible pieces of work or advertise to their needs. Those blessed with creative skills can sometimes struggle to find traditional display solutions that fulfil their vision,…

Novotel Chooses Pro Display

Mirror Video Wall

The Pro Display Group’s continued support of the hospitality industry shows for itself most notably on high-profile projects such as the work recently done with hotel giant Novotel. As the market evolves, designers are finding new ways for technology to solve a number of challenges traditionally faced, making the best use of space available in…

High Gain Projection Shines for NOW Gallery

now gallery rear projection screen

Pro Display’s continued relationship with institutions of artistic excellence has an illustrious history of cooperation in delivering the highest quality displays available. Of course, for professional artists, display quality is of the utmost importance when demonstrating their work, so it stands to reason that using the finest display technology on the market is the choicest…

3D Digital Glass Supports Industry Expert’s Innovation

3d digital glass demonstration

Pro Display enjoys close working relationships with global partners, from leading giants in the AV industry, to highly skilled specialist installers. Our position in the market affords us close networking ties with vendors either side of our supplier chain and when you combine this with our sterling reputation in the industry and the fact that…

Display Christmas like you love it!

DC Thomson switchable rear projection screen

Often, the makeup of a display system can vary depending on the application, the company and budget. But when it comes to the festive period of Christmas, companies like to push their displays into overdrive in the spirit of the season. There are numerous benefits in doing this, public attention being one of them, but…

How Display Technology is Revolutionising Education

Anti Glare Digital Glass CASS Business School

Technology in education is so incredibly important. For centuries, we have sought the most efficient ways of educating our future using the latest and most cutting-edge developments in technology. One aspect of technology in education that seems to be relied upon more than most is display and presentation technology. The ability to display and present…

Getting a ‘Clearview’ of the Stage

Clearview Projection Screen

Pro Display take a look at how Clearview Holographic Effect Rear Projection Technology has been used in some of the biggest stage events in recent years The past few years have given rise to an explosion of possibility and creativity in the performance arts as the technological systems used to deliver visually impressive stage productions…

The Future of Hospitality

Mirror Video Wall

After supplying the industry for over 15 years, Pro Display take an introspective look at some of the most innovative display technologies that are helping to shape the future of hospitality Pro Display’s technology represents the very best technological display solutions the world has to offer after supplying the hospitality industry for over 15 years….

Switchable Technology and Projection

Switchable Smart Glass Rear Projection Screen

Improving your customer journey Your customer’s experience should be as high on your list of priorities as your products, service or brand. It is well known that the customer journey is a very important aspect of sales; when managed well, it can help secure a sale or encourage repeat business. Investment in your customer’s experience…