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5 Benefits of Transparent OLED Screen Technology

benefits of transparent oled screen

Transparent OLED Screens (T-OLED) are a new development in digital signage that allows for a completely transparent screen without any backlight or backbox to contain it. These screens represent the future of digital signage, offering a hi-tech and visually impressive display that will certainly make viewer’s heads turn. In this post, we are going to…

Smart Glass Reveals Robot

Robot within smart glass unit

We are consistently seeing innovative and interesting uses of Switchable Smart Glass in retail environments, and one of our most recent projects is no exception. As an innate privacy solution that changes from frosted to clear on command, Switchable Smart Glass offers a great way to conceal and reveal products, special offers and other merchandising…

Museum Display Technology & Visual Effects

digital glass museum display in Norway

Over the years, a wide range of Pro Display’s products have been specified for museums. For a number of reasons, many products that Pro Display offer are ideal for creating some of the best museum displays possible, from interactive projection touch screens that make up entire displays, to supporting screens that supplement a museum exhibit…

NHS Operating Theatres Receive a Touching Upgrade

nhs touch foil

Pro Display’s relationships with partners in different industries are continuously developing, as seen from one of our latest projects with long standing partner Jones AV. Jones AV are a multi-award winning medical AV systems integrator, working with healthcare institutions around the world on the most cutting edge technological solutions the AV industry has to offer….

Digital Glass finds its home in luxury retail

ultra short throw lens up close on digital glass display

Currently residing in one of the most luxurious retail environments in the world, Pro Display’s Ultra Short Throw (UST) Rear Projection technology – Digital Glass – finds a home in the beauty department at Harrods. This next generation UST rear projection screen sits at an unconventional square 1.6m x 1.6m, offering Harrods a unique solution…

New Reseller Price List

Reseller Price List

Last week, we launched our eagerly anticipated 2019/2020 Reseller Price List. If you are on our mailing list, you should have already received your copy in our last email broadcast. However, not to worry if you have not got one yet! You can request one from us at any time at the bottom of this…

Transparent LCD Displays the Best of Retail

transparent lcd display trade shows

The world of retail merchandising has become increasingly difficult to succeed in. Traditional display techniques lose their impact and effectiveness as they become tired and outdated in the eyes of audiences, forcing retailers to ‘up their game’ to stand out from the competition. The level of innovation in this field has been relentless, especially in…

Innovative Technologies in Stock Now

transparent LCD display product launches

Pro Display prides itself on the solid range of custom options offered to customers, being able to build bespoke solutions and combine the very best of certain technologies to create the ideal product that the customer is looking for. However, despite our heavy emphasis on custom solutions, we do offer a wide range of standard…

Custom Visual Display Solutions

Shell custom exhibit display

Pro Display take an introspective look at the custom & bespoke display solutions they can offer As a manufacturer of industry leading display solutions, we are often asked for a wide variety of custom and bespoke solutions for an ever-increasing list of applications. Pro Display is uniquely positioned to be able to offer customers an…