Mirror Video Walls

Mirror Video Walls offer your environment a cutting-edge interior design style that is hard to match. Not only will this incredible technology help to make your space look bigger – as an inherent feature of using mirrors in design – but it also allows you to make the most use of this space by displaying advertising and information.

Traditionally, mirrors have always been a relatively passive tool, used by interior designers to accentuate a room’s colours, brightness and space. They have been used on a historic and industrial level to help achieve things just not quite possible with anything else.

However, Mirror Video Walls are not ordinary mirrors. Indeed, they do offer a reflective surface like mirrors, so your interior design theme, lighting and free space does appear multiplied through this reflective marvel, however, it does not stop there. Mirror Video Walls are also, rather incredibly, screens, allowing you to simultaneously display your chosen message whilst ‘wowing’ your visitors. This effect is incredibly powerful, as common-sense dictates that the more impressive your method of delivery, the more likely your message is to be taken notice of, especially in this highly competitive era where standing out is a critical factor for business success.

Generally, a mirror screen is something most people seldom see. The actual manifestation of this technology is impressive on its own, leaving many passers-by, visitors and even regulars or occupants stopping to admire this incredible wonder. So even more breathtaking is this effect at scale; combining the most impressive factors of both mirror screen technology and video screens, Mirror Video Walls liven your environment up in a way that nothing else can, providing your visitors with a truly memorable and unique experience that represents the authenticity of your brand, service or company.

Ideal in high end environments such as hotel lobbies, car showrooms, luxury retail stores, corporate headquarters or gyms, but to name a few, Mirror Video Walls are an ideal way to convey or enforce a premium sales experience or service, reassuring your customers that they are dealing with a reputable and credible organisation.

For a truly memorable and specialist installation, this product can also be granted interactivity, making it ideal for engaging, immersive or augmented reality applications. Learn more about Interactive Video Walls.

Pro Display offer a variety of products incorporating Mirror Screen technology for use in a wide range of applications. The Mirrorvision range includes both interactive and non-interactive screens, offering a solution for most related requirements.


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