Pro Display’s heritage started here, being one of the very first manufacturers in Europe to install full-colour LED systems. The range includes LED information boards, perimeter advertising systems, and indoor & outdoor LED displays.


Commercial grade LCD screens designed for performance and reliability. LCD screens are perfect for all kinds of display, with high brightness versions for daylight use, and portrait kiosks to advertise, inform and entertain.


Designed to advertise, inform or entertain and are the ideal choice for a wide range of applications including airports, hotels, retail stores and museums to name a few.


Designed to complement our screen technology, Soundpods transform solid surfaces into loudspeakers. Art Speakers use surface sound technology too, but alongside a special acoustic board for hi-fi sound and a customisable art canvas.


Mirrorvision is our range of glass-based products manufactured with a striking mirror finish, which conceal images with stunning contrast and colour. The range includes Mirror TVs, mirror overlays, interactive mirrors and more.

Anti-Glare Solutions

Hard wearing anti-glare screen solutions to minimise unwanted reflections and reduce glare on projection screens, LCD and OLED displays, and other flat surfaces such as windows and glass partitions. Also creates a smooth surface perfect for touch applications.

Interactive Video Walls

Video Walls are a powerful display option that sees your message or information displayed larger than life! As a culmination…

Mirror Video Walls

Mirror Video Walls

Mirror Video Walls offer your environment a cutting-edge interior design style that is hard to match. Not only will this…

transparent led screen windows

Transparent LED Screens

Transparent Screen using LED technology Transparent LED Screens offer an effective and striking alternative to Large Format LED Screens. The…

transparent lcd display cases digital signage

Transparent LCD Display Cases

Custom housings for our range of transparent LCD screens Transparent LCD Display Cases offer exciting new ways to engage your…

Anti-Reflective Anti-Glare Film self-adhesive, protective and perfect for touch screens

Anti-Glare Film

Self-adhesive anti-glare film to minimise reflection and glare across any screen surface Anti-glare protection film is available in standard screen…

anti-glare screen protector office

Protective Anti-Glare Overlays

Ultra clear protective safety glass combined with our optical Anti-Glare coating Standard screen sizes and custom panel sizes for projection…

interactive transparent screen store window displays

Transparent Touch Screens

Transparent LCD screens with multi-touch IR technology Transparent 1080p/4K touch screens for shopfitting and integration (24/7 applications) If you’re looking…

OLED Transparent Screens

Transparent OLED Screen

The Magic of Transparent OLED Screens Please note: Transparent OLED screens are currently unavailable within the market. For our other transparent…

transparent lcd pos display

Transparent LCD Screen

Transparent LCD screens offer exciting new ways to engage your audience. The combination of HD LCD technology (4K on our 84″…